help dating a Taurus man

by Chelle
(Wichita, KS)

I am seeing a Taurus man we dated when we were in our teens and its 24 yrs later. He found me online then was beggin me to move back home so I did then when I got here we have seen each other a total of maybe 9 times in 5 months he won't even tell me where he lives still. He says hes just being very protective that he has lots of stalkers well I do believe him even tho every one else tells me hes lieing. K so when we first seen each other again omg it was instant love we were both so into each other and he was wanting me to move in with him and so on then things happened he started staying away then we have been on and off so many times he always starts talking to me again sends me a message telling me why he can't see me anymore or sends me a message saying how he thinks me and misses me and so we are back on now we have had sex 3 times and its totally amazing he is always telling me about other girls that are stalking him texting him or emailing him I think he is telling me that to see if I would get jealous. He always asks me if I have a date or if I went on a date with someone... When we are together we talk non stop hours and hours time flys by we are so in to each other. Except I noticed this last time I seen him he seems to be almost pulling away from me a little bit but he still came over and stayed the night we stayed up all night talking till early morning then he snuggled around me to sleep and when we woke we picked up where we left off talking breakfast hours went by then he had to go. He told me before he loved me but then he says he wasn't ever in love with me but he loves me and kissed me when he said it. He confuses me so much.. I can tell we are so right but then when hes not around I don't get many texts from him and he stays away till I seen him this last week it had been almost 3 months since I seen him. I don't think hes cheating or wants anyone else but the 3 months we were apart he said he did date some girls and did have sex with one and he said he did all of that to try to forget about me but still he never can get me out of his head and he says he dreams about me every night I am so in love with this man I feel like a crazy psycho waiting on him but I just can't stop no matter what any one else says because I love him so much I WANT HIM IN EVERY SINGLE WAY SO BAD!!! LOL I have been so patient and there for a little bit I was being a little pushy not really but to him I was about him never seeing me but I just want to know what do you all think? Is this man in love with me?

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