Help getting my scorpio woman back

by Jordin
(orlando, florida)

So i met this girl 3 and half years ago. we immediately fell in love literally before we met. the story how we met on myspace is actually pretty funny. anyways we talked for awhile and it was instant. but she was really shy and nervous to meet me but i felt such strong feelings i mustered up the courage to go to her house on valentines day and gave her roses that were died in her fav colors orange and green. mind you at this time she was 14 i was 15 now im 19 and shes almost 18. 10 days later i asked her officially to be my girl. she said yes of course. we've had many wonderful times together including going to hawaii last summer. but during the beginning of this year she all of a sudden wanted all these friends but they were bad like smoking pot drugs drinking bad. mind you before this time she always tried to control me like all i needed was her and stuff and eventually i came around to it. i felt so much love for her i gave up everything for her friends and all. and i honestly didnt care she was my friend and my mate it was amazing. well after that happened earlier this year she lied about going to the beach with them and stuff and she met a few guys or w.e. and we had a fight about it and she finally realized they didnt want her to be there friend but they wanted to do her. so things went back to normal immediately . well june first i went to the airforce and i came back 2 weeks ago. on my way home she tells me she lost all her feelings for me like she has none 0. i have no idea what happened because just days before she was saying how she couldn't wait she missed me soo much.. im very confused and i need help i want my girl back. we were supposed to get engaged and melt our grandparents rings this december to make our rings. she thought of this btw not me. But please help. i want/need this girl. I really feel like shes my soulmate shes absolutely perfect i love her so much. when i first got back i couldn't eat for 6 days...i want to marry this girl even though the pain she just caused me. how can i win her over again?

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by: Anonymous

fuck if you find out please tell me im going threw the exact same thing with my scorpio shes my soulmate and she use to believe in the same only difference is the airforce instead she moved 45mins away and its all different now

You are too young
by: Anonymous

You have so much time for your career and so much time to wait for the right girl/princes. Good girl as soul mate will gives you happiness and peace of mind. If your grandparents still here, ask them for the best advice. A Scorpio woman,as I knew, if she really love you, she feels intense and will come for you. Don't be easy on her or she will breaks your heart even more. You are a man.
i LOST my Scorpio lady-I wont feel a bit upset. Because I knew im worth-Let me tell you-Scorpio is too greedy and selfish. After she Sh't with you, she will walk away and never ever regret.
Now I met a lady Virgo-not only pretty but very loyal, smart, and dedicate who understand very well about our relationship. She is the most faithful and honest that I ever met.
So, you cut it out about that girl. Good luck man!!!

by: Anonymous

Well i'm a Scorpio woman and this has happened to me. That I've done this to a man, it's a strange feeling because we go to bed and are seriously die hard in love and then we wake up and think about the person and have no more sexual feelings for them. And when we don't have those sexual feelings we believe we are not in love anymore.
Plus, I believe Scorpios, though we do love relationships and such. We have trust issues with everyone, no matter how long we have been with them.
It may hurt but she's most likely not going to change her mind. Scorpios are very stubborn and once we've made a decision we believe that it's the right one. And I mean, you can sit there and try talking to her again. um.. Try showing the good times y'all had and are going to have. And show her that you're going to be her mate, you will never cheat or anything. There's not much you can do. Sorry if it doesn't help.

Not Believe ever
by: Anonymous

My Scorpio girlfriend Loved me at the first sight while i didn't love her. She came to me because she wasn't have much happiness with her 2nd ex. she attracted to me as Virgo. I tried to run a way but cant. After she got my heart, she seems dont care. She really need me when she was in suffered. i dont need that kind of Scorpio lady in my life. A lady who loves you because of the desire, sex, and emotion. Worthless, i have no regret or shed my tear a bite for my girlfriend. There are others who are good, ha, ha.

I m a scorpio
by: Destini

Im sorry that these girls did that to you, i feel like people are guna avoid me since im a scorpio and horoscope stuff makes me seem horrible and scary:/
But i would NEVER do that to someone.

too young
by: Anonymous

I thinks she had a taste of what her life could be.she probably realized she's too young to be commited.or she either found someone else.its not a good a reason.move on,maybe it will change her mind specially if she sees u with no care at all completely.but she has realized something,and she wants more experience.

i am a scorpion girl
by: Anonymous

i believe once i break up i would never get back with someone because its a threat that once you get back together they will play with your emotions again. my first ex (Capricorn)broke up with me because he was not faithful, but was younger than me and wanted to explore. the second was a gemini and in 3 months he just flipped. I know that i could not survive a long distance relationship, not that i would do anything wrong but will not work. period!(experience)

Anyways good luck.

Too bad!!

What Sign are you anyway? are you PISCES/CANCER? if not then she's not gonna be yours at all..only WATER SIGN can be COMPATIBLE with SCORPIO.

Look at that IDIOT VIRGO guy..he was manipulated by a SCORPIO and he can't handle the SCORPION situation. cuz they're not compatible.

SCORPION people are just way too hard to understand and maybe your GIRL was thinking of NEGATIVE thoughts for e.g. maybe you'll find the better one than her,maybe his uncomfortable with me, His not happy etc...but to be HONEST it's a CHALLENGE for a man and you have to take it, if you don't then do not waste your time with SCORPION GIRLS. they're just gonna HURT you more n more. think about your situation..DON@T BE A FOOL to yourself~ think! that your bettar than her

BE STRONG!! your a man!!


and also your too young and you wanted to get married to her...maybe she's not ready for it..YOUR TOO FAST TO COMMIT geezus!!! maybe that's the reason...we scorpion need more fun before responsibilities...don't just need to get to know each other more...we CALL IT DEEP RELATIONSHIP..

by: Anonymous

LISTEN TO HER CLOSELY AND TO WHAT SHE SAYS HAS CHANGED.We love to feel understood by our soulmate... It reasures us on our partners "intense and REAL Love"..
If the stuff shell say sounds cold and somewhat odd to you... Forget it. She lost interest and is keeping u until she feels stable to be alone.

Im sorry but dont tell her NOW that u wanna marry her. She might still be playing games with u and u need to make her believe that she is lucky to have found someone like you..which she probably is.

Good luck man

Scorpio Girl (26)

by: Anonymous

hum did you ever cheated on her? just be honest, since you are dating her for so long and all mistakes sometimes happens.
cuz to be honest i think when a scorpio does that (either men or woman) for example prefer staying with friends and shut down emotions for the guy they loved usually is cuz they were hurt very bad and now are just over obsessing if he would do that again.
anyways dont think she has 0 emotions for you , its a scorpio in the middle of a fight ofc she is going to say that! now about what she really feels thats another story... oh well even so, this one seems to be pretty much over, either you stalker till she eventually let you in again or you just move on, i seriously advice you to move one cuz even if you made peace with your scorpio woman it would still be pretty much "up and down" all the time if your not a pisces or a cancer you are pretty much fucked

Just from my perspective...
by: Scorpio Woman

Sounds like you weren't the only guy in her life, or you came onto her too strong and too fast. If she says she has no feelings for you, she probably doesn't, for the moment, or is just convincing herself she doesn't because there's someone else in the picture. But once we're done with you, we usually are, and will only make contact back with you when we've become hurt or bored with whomever we're with. If you really want her back, go easy, don't come on too strong, and don't try to tie her down if she doesn't want to be tied down, go with the flow and just have fun with her, but also show her you aren't going to put up with her nonsense, put it on the table what you are looking for, if she isn't with it then move on to the next or have more patience, lots of it. For us we like to take our time and get to know someone, fall in love with you on our time, not yours, but when we do fall in love with you it's very deep and for keeps.

This is simple really.
by: Scorpio Female.

I've been there, i have done that. and i can explain to you why that happened.

She moved past you because she felt like you were not giving her your entire being, mind. Body. and soul. Scorpio females need every single part of their lovers and from what i've found Only other water signs can be as deep as scorpio without running away from the sheer intensity of the relationship with her.

In my past relationship. My boyfriend was kind of dumb. He would hide things from me (drawing porn, then saying he wasn't. Telling me he was too broke to cover the bill then buying a new car. Staying up at night while i would go to bed alone.) Just little, seemingly unimportant things.

But to me they were knives in my back. He would also have bad moodswings, and he was so hard on himself that he couldn't be a good boyfriend to me.

Chances are, if her emotions died overnight you either didn't give her emotional security, you were financially not there, or physically not there.

Scorpio woman wants. no scratch that, she needs someone entirely. She doesn't need someone "rich" or "good looking" She needs someone who can give her their entire being. She needs to know that he's thinking about -her- at all times. The more open you are to her, the easier you'll tie her around your little finger.

~Best of luck.

P.s if you want her back and you're not cancer, or pisces, good luck. Lol...

Wise words
by: Andrea

Im sorry to break this to you but the only time a Scorpio, male or female, ever returns is when we re-thought and revised our feelings towards the person and then but only then will we return to you, otherwise your basically beating a dead horse. I will wish you luck though, you may just get lucky but with a Scorpio who knows.

by: capricorn

ok can someone please tell me what i should do with my scorpio ex...we broke up cuz i fucked up big time. im also in the military so i deployed right after. soon as i returned back i hit her up and we talked and she then told me she was in a relationship and she was happy....she ended up cheating on her gf with me,but she said we couldnt be together and if they brake up she would come back to me. i then moved to another place and her relationship with the first girl failed. i was then begging again and she wouldnt give me a chance. i think its because i moved. 4 months past and shes singing that same song to me! i have to wait for this relationship to fail. i need her back in my life as mines!!! How do i get her back,i told her im moving back and now we're txtn daily.

by: Anonymous

Scorpio girls are trouble. They do it to themselves. They cheat and then say oops, like the gemini woman. Scorpio woman needs to be with a Leo man because leo man only cares about sex, and that is all scorpio girls have a passion for. Best believe the races matter just as much as their sign like mixing races usually causes problems too. Hey whatever blows your hair back.

Scorpio women
by: Anonymous

...I am quite shocked and disappointed in my fellow Scorpio women! Let me just tell you, Scorpio women are the most passionate women when it comes to loving or making love to their partner! I know cause I am one. Its not easy to gain our trust/heart, but when u do, we are the most loyal, and the best friend/lover any sign of the zodiac will ever be with. My motheris also Scorpio. She and my father, who is Aquarius, which is not a water sign, were married for 40yrs before my dad passed away from lung cancer. The only way to completely lose a Scorpio woman for good is if u break her trust and her heart. We aren't always easy to get along with as we are very mysterious, but there's never a dull moment with one of us.

Not True!
by: Scorpio Female

I am a scorpio female. And it depends on your moon sign if you are compatible and your personality. I find Cancers very moody and I find pisces switch and secretive. Not until I researched my raising sign and my moon sign, it helped me to get a clear picture. As for a scorpio coming back, it depends on how bad you hurt her and if it was real bad forget thinking she will ever come back!

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