help me! i love an aquarius man

by peggy

I met a beautiful man a little over a year ago. At first It was what I had been waiting my whole life for. We had a connection. I would think of him and before I knew it; my phone would be ringing. We bonded on an intellectual level and I enjoyed just speaking to him. We always seemed to be learning from one another and the sex is amazing. We were serious for almost a year. His home was my home away from home. About three months into our relationship a young girl began to spread rumors that she was sleeping with him too. When I confronted him; he denied it saying "that he slept with her a few times before he and i were together and that her feelings were hurt". It was VERY hard for me to do; but I gave him the benefit of the doubt because I was falling in love with him. 6 months later; I became pregnant. At first he was so sure that he wanted to have a baby. We looked at houses and such. Then he began to talk about all the things that he wanted to Being a single mom already..I naturally became worried. He and i both already have children. In the end we decided to terminate. I have struggled emotionally and spiritually falling into a deep depression. When i reached out to him; he abandoned me. We eventually broke up and two weeks later he had a different young girl living with him. Now he's coming back into my world again. Being a Scorpio and strong willed woman...I am so torn....between my heart and my head. common sense tells me to RUN but I'm truly in love him and i just can't do it. We've been broke up for three months. I have stayed with him twice in the past week. what should i do? i know he cares. he's kept things, memos from our relationship. I'm so confused and i don't want to get hurt again. advice anyone?????

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by: Anonymous

you already know the right answer!

Your head must rule your heart - and you already know this, because after all you are a Scorpio woman
by: Scorpion Colleena

Hi, this is a very sad story,which starts with a wonderful beginning with this beautiful man (as you call him) and a sad ending. You, know what you need to do in your heart of hearts, this man may have loved you at the start of the relationship, but now his feelings have changed, and you have sensed that for yourself,for a long time, or you would not have had the termination,( which is a very, very, hard thing for a woman to go through) you have done the right thing for yourself, and thats who you need to think about at this very moment of time, NUMBER 1,WHICH IS YOU AND YOUR CHILD. You cannot take anything this aquarian man is telling you at face value, some girl telling lies about him- Scorpio, listen up, there is no smoke without fire.! The memos that hes kept, from when you where together, think of them as trophys, that he keeps from all the other woman he has know, what other reminders does he have from these relationships?This beautiful man, has proved,NOT, to be so beautiful after all,it only took him 2weeks to find your replacement, how quick, and how cruel is that. If, he had said to you he needs some time out, it is to be understood, as Aquarians need to process and analyse,everything under a microscope, through a mental process of the mind.One thing for sure this mans concentration is not centred in his mind,but in another place,?????????? You have let him back into your world to hurt you again, which is now confusing you,especially if you are still having sexual relations with him. What a wonderful world this guy is living in, hes got his cake and eat it, what guy would say no to that? You, need to find that Scorpio inner strength, which is given to all Scorpios male and females alike, when they are faced with a big dilemna, trust me its there to tap on in times of real need. You know what you need to do if you dont want this torment in your life, you can put a stop to this situation any time you want, start to take control of your life and your own destiny, you owe it to yourself. Move forward, and you will find happiness, stay where you are and you will have more of the same. It's your choice, i know you can do it, believe and trust in yourself.If you still want to take a chance with this man let him know where you stand, and what you want, he can take it or leave it.Good luck & Take care

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