Help my aries man has me confused!

by renee
(springfield, illinois, usa)

I’m a cancer girl with an aries moon and cancer rising and Oh My God I think I’ve just met the most confusing aries guy ever. Ok my aries guy (leo moon, cancer rising) is seriously playing mind games with me and I don’t know what to do =( i’ve been ignoring him, and letting him come to me, and chase me. Recently he’ll text me or call me when he’s ready to, ask me what I'm doing or if I'm busy, and I'll tell him yes I'm busy doing this or that…..and I only do this because now it just seems like he’ll just text or call me whenever he wants sex and I don’t like that, should I tell him how I feel about that?…. He does say that we’re just talking to each other (not yet at the boyfriend girlfriend stage) and on occasions he calls me his girl or his babe and it confuses me. I don’t know if we are together or not? Does he want me or not? Sometimes he makes me feel like he wants me and then sometimes he makes me feel like he doesn’t… I’m thinking maybe I should just keep ignoring him and giving him the run around whenever he asks me if I'm busy or if I want to come over. I remember when we first started hanging out he kept trying to kiss me and I kept pulling away and he asked me what is wrong and I told him I didn’t know him that well. There have been 2 occasions where I just went off on him in a text telling him that I don’t want to be treated like I'm a whore and that if he just wants sex from me then we may as well not talk to each other because that’s not what I want, and confronting him about me hearing about him messing around with other girls and how I felt about that and him not telling me he was still seeing his ex (now they're not talking anymore officially) and he never responded back to me. Why doesn’t he respond to me? But when he sees me the next day he acts as if nothing happened, I don’t get it!!! After sending him those texts confronting him I started to distance myself from him and that’s when he grew concerned about me asking me what’s wrong with me? Why am I not talking to him? Asking me why am I acting so strange? And I just wanted to smack him across the forehead like are you really asking me these questions? Like you don’t know what’s wrong with me? I reeeaaaallllyyyy like him sooo much almost to the point of loving him but I don’t know what to do I want to stick with him I don’t want to give up on him. Ugh I'm soooo confused and don’t know what to do =( but I'm going to stick with him and see how this goes.
By the way aries men are supposed to be upfront, tell it like it is and straightforward people. Well this aries guy I'm dealing with is far from straightforward only when it comes to sex but he is a little shy like he’s scared to talk to me at times,(maybe it’s his cancer rising) sometimes I have to initiate conversation first to at least get a word out of him and I'm a shy and quiet girl myself but the silence and non talking was irritating me I just had to say or do something to start conversation. I like to play around and play fight and it seems like he doesn’t I like to play around and have fun me and my ex virgo used to play around all the time and wrestle lol (kinda unusual with me being a cancer girl I guess but maybe it’s my aries moon) maybe it’s because he’s serious about me but isn’t sure?!?!? Anywho, he’s so outgoing, confident and everyone loves him and knows him he’s so popular to everyone which makes me think he would be straightforward with me I'm straightforward and I'll tell it like it is and I won’t sugar coat anything. sometimes I just want him to tell me he doesn’t like me or does like so I would know if I should move on or not.
The only reason why I'm sticking with him is that maybe underneath it all he’s very soft on the inside and I want to bring out his soft side I just don’t know how to, maybe he’s insecure about something and doesn’t want to show it I wish he would tell me, I don’t know what to do, what should I do to bring out his soft side???

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my aries man has me confused
by: Anonymous

it happends to me too :(

yes it's true
by: Dhi

yeah same with me. And still don't know how to deal with him :( Aries is so selfish..he said he loves me even though we never meet before. he called me babe, wife , etc. and wants to marry me.
i don't believe him at that time.
Last week is ours first date, and i adore him so much.
He nag if i'm too busy, i let he went to drink with his friends, i give him his space. i support him at work.
But today is saturday night, actually he promised me to take me to dinner. But until afternoon there is no news from him. I start preparing food but he not show up. he made me sad..
maybe Aries should not have a relationship. because Aries always make girls crying and tired at heart.

hes not ready
by: Anonymous

I'm a cancer girl who met my Aries man six years ago. He saw what he liked and pursued it. He would look for me everyday and would want to be with me everyday day & night.when he first told me he loved me he meant it with all his heart.Now he did make it clear he was a player type with his girls but I accepted him and he showed me the total opposite.So if the Aries man wants you he'll let it be known if not he's not at that point yet.It's tough being with one but I stuck it out with him & he knows he'll never find someone like me.Like they say Aries men do stuff on impulse and think about the results later not they mean to cause they do have kind hearts & well I'm not with him no more by my choice but hes forever in love with me cause we are cancers we love like there's no tomorrow

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