Help seducing capricorn man

Well, first off I'm a Sagittarius woman who has a Capricorn male friend. We just met thru friends (sort of like a blind date thing) and we instantly began talking on the phone, conversations about work and life...he's come to my house, I've gone to his, nothing major happened...just a kiss that was prompted by him. It just seems as though since then (almost a week) our relationship has died down a bit. We barely talk on the phone, he always wants
to stay at home, u know and its kind of a struggle for me to get him out and about! Even a little more interested AND interesting!!! HELP ME PLEASE! Lol...

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by: Anonymous

I am currently pursuing a Capricorn man, and right away I could pick up on how reserved he was with his inner thoughts and feelings. You must be
willing to be patient and go at their pace, let them trust and become comfortable with you and then they will being to open up.

With my experience of my Capricorn, i have leant the more time we have spent together and the better i get to know him, I became more intrigued with his personality and his intelligence.

Being a Scorpio woman, I noticed how much ambition, career oriented, and witty humor we both had in common.

This is a relationship you must take with all serious if you wish to pursue. Capricorns don't react well to heartbreak; especially once their walls have already come down.

Just like it says, capricorn ages like wine, better with time.

in love fast
by: Anonymous

omg im glad to see im not the only one who is going through this this dude wanted me to come and see him...i mean he seriously called me yelling about how he is soo sincere n then he disappeared on no joke, i called him he was like he was n a business meeting, then i text him,that i missed him and he was like thats very thoughtful and that the feeling was mutual...grrr. then we txt and then thats it...i miss him so damn much n yes just a few short days. i dnt think i have ever fallen for someone so fast N MY ENTIRE LIFE! almost willing to risk it all for him bc i never felt this way n my life before, come to think of it...i know im in love...yike!

On capricorns in general!
by: Cap girl~

Capricorns, girls and guys too, I'm sure, both take a while in committing or even just admitting their feelings! I personally think he's interested, just shy or hesitant because Capricorns are really practical. About like everything lol. Personally I love Sagittarius's, my best friends ever are a guy Sag and a girl Sag. I'm attracted to a LOT of Sag's, but that's just me, and note that I don't have any fire besides Leo rising (though it's a big aspect), so it's not so much about 'compatibility' I guess! If you get along and click well, and he shares your feelings, then you got it girl!! Unless he is confused. But I hope not. Otherwise, just wait for him, Caps can be sloooooow.

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