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I met this leo guy and we hit it off real fast...I live in the Caribbean and he lives in the UK. He told me he isn't in a serious relationship with anyone. When he got back to his home we talked a bit via email. I called him a couple of times in which no answer then he texted me saying "hey can't call me all the time babes because i'm getting serious with my girl and i want to be a good boy to her....x". I texted him back and told him why he lead me on and told me he had no one serious and that he really likes me and that we were going to have something special. He told me he only decided to get serious with her when he went back to the UK. The thing is he called me babes and put the "x" sign meaning "kiss" in the text. Is he leading me on? Telling me i still have a chance? or just being controlling of me. PLEASE HELP ME OTHER LEO MEN OUT THERE!

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i am a gemini and all my feelings came back when i saw him
by: Anonymous

I was with a leo man for about 1 to 2 years and we broke up I was about 24 at the time. Its about 8 years I have not seen my ex until april 19 2010 he is a nurse where I work and I didn't know that until I work on the floor he is the first time I have seen him in years. We talk a little I was speechless but he as for my phone number I give it to him he text me as soon as he left work which was 8pm and text me until almost 2 am in the morning telling me that we have to do dinner and a movie so I say yes and also tell me he that I leave an impression on him. But from see him all my emotion that I have for him came back and I don't know why to make a long story short do u think he want to get back with me r what

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