Help understanding my Pisces man

I'm a Scorpio girl and I'm in love with Pisces boy... we're in college and we study together, we're together every day. we talk for hours and it's perfect. BUT he's quite slow. we're hanging out for three months and still he hasn't kissed me. I know he likes me, he knows I like him but he just don't want to try. when I told him I like him he smiled and pinched my face... he's sush a baby... I just wanted to ask if anyone of you knows the meaning of that behaviour? he's giving me headache... =)

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understanding my Pisces man
by: Anonymous

I know that behavior... ;P in my case it lasted for a year... :P you have to be patient !! (very patient)

pisces confusion
by: fenique

i know that behavior i am a scorpio woman as well and i have been friends with this pisces man that i am in love with for two years about a year ago he told me that he was really feeling me and has said nothing about it since we kissed for the first time about 1 week ago and again it has been two years every time we set up times to get togeather he never calls me back to confirm and me being a scorpio i just be like forget it and then he calls and act like nothing every happened omg he is driving me crazy but i cant help but still feel for him so deeply because the chemistry i feel when i am around him is unbeliveable i have never felt like this before just be patient my friend because thats all i can tell myself

Be strong
by: Anonymous

Be strong and be patient. I'm a scorpio and I dated a Pisces for 2 years. It was the best relationship I ever had. He was very shy at first. I'm somewhat fast moving and aggressive. I wanted him but didn't want to rush him. You have to let him make his move when he's ready BUT you can certainly motivate him to get moving. Carass his arm or hand. Sit close. Say (somewhat) flirtacious things. Compliment him or set up a situation for him to compliment you. Don't jump the boy, lol. But if you don't put forth a little initiative you'll be waiting around FOREVER.

loves me? loves me not?
by: me again :)

it's still the same... we're best friends and that's it. and i'm still patient. so, how can i know if he likes me? i think i'm going crazy :)

really funny
by: scorpiomac

reading all these comments and stories made me laugh and feel better and more understanding about my relationship with my pisces man. i am a scorpio woman myself and have been "friends" or whatever you wanna call it- with the Fish for two and a half years. instant attraction, mutual interest and sparks flying...right from the first minutes of meeting him..and so it started....catching up, flirting..just can't resist him...damn! best kisser in the world..after everything was going so well...bum...just disappeared...but then would show up again and everything goes fine, and no matter how many times me and my intensity were trying to let go of him...i keep coming back for more!! so we were friends and make out buddies for a while, but then barely saw each other for a year (during which i stayed single)...and now..second time around. a year and a half after hot making out we finally had's so wonderful to know that i'm not the only one going nuts trying to understand what all that weird pisces behavior is all about..friends-lovers-buddies-partners...Being patient is not all that easy for an intense scorpio woman who wants it all and now..especially after waiting for so long!! some days i wanna say F@U (that's exactly when he would show up being so lovely by the way), some days i'm keeping the hope alive, somedays i wanna yell out loud to let the emotions flow.
But since it's been lasting for so means that i'm eager to wait.reading about the personality traits on this site really helped in accepting and understanding other people's view. if that's how he it!
and how to know if he likes you or not...will he be doing all the playing-flirting-sleeping-being cute thing if he didn't care at all?? i don't think so..!
oh and another thing!! that 'going with the flow' thing and 'wanting to be conquered' and 'not knowing what he wants' true...just have to accept!!

hiding, lying... what's the right thing?
by: me again :)

now, my pisces boy has a crush on some girl he just met. but, the day when he told me that (since i'm his best friend), i was really messed up, i was so lost and sad, broken-hearted. he started cryin' when i went home... and now, he doesn't want to talk aboyt her, he doesn't want to see her... but still, he isn't with me... i'm his friend and that's the way it is. and, he really loves torturing me by mentioning that fact, that i WAS in love with him, for he doesn't know i still am... what should i do?

by: Pisces melody

Your pisces guy just don't want to be maniacal... he tries to control his self, and quite controlling it, in order not to offend you... that's how they are...

Pisces man
by: Anonymous

I am a pisces man and I know what you guys are feeling right now. I have fallen in love with a few girl but never expressed my feeling to them. I don't know why I am so shy. Sometime I feel like I don't understand myself, what I am doing and why I am here in the first place. I know from my personal experience that we are a confused beings. I think I am in love with a girl and she is my soul mate and the other day I feel she is not the one for me. We are not compatible. Some time I get frustrated with myself being like this and not able to stand upto the decision I made. But there are time when I completely forget about everything and is satisfied with myself and the way I am. We pisces men do carry a charm and I am mostly the talk of the town when I am at my best. Its just that we make an image of our perfect girl in our mind and when we see that our partner is not like the perfect girl we imagined we start to feel insecure and worried. Don't push yourself too hard on a pisces guy. Let him take his time. being too clingy can be an extreme turn off for him and can have him running away from your shadow. Once he is really sure that he likes you He would stick with you like your second soul. Just be patience and be romantic. Pisces men love romantic talks and candle light dinners.

my pisces man
by: Anonymous

I have loved a Pisces man for 35 years. I am a Scorpio Woman. He loves me too, and is happiest with me, but loves me as a friend.
I have learned to accept the friendship wholeheartedly, because I can't imagine being without him.
Every choice, thought and direction I take is with him in mind. I look to the future with him, and hope.

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