Help with Capricorn man

by Julie
(Syracuse, NY)

Met a Capricorn man who could not keep his hands off of me and could not keep me out of his "contact." If he wasn't texting me, calling me, emailing me...he was all over me. Amazing. Love the attention (lioness), but am currently confused about the ensuing behavior of this man.

This guy picked me up and carried me into bed on the second date...There was not much analysis or caution going on. I actually tried to slow things down but he wouldn't hear of it. He rushed me like a football player! Now he's disappeared. Got what he wanted and disappeared. Sad about that! Am pissed at myself!

From everything I read, this is uncharacteristic of Capricorns. It's been a day now. He left one message yesterday saying he was busy and sorry he didn't connect with me. WHAT??? Every other day i've gotten at least 30-50 messages and emails from him, and HOURS of phone conversation.

He asked me beforehand if I was opposed to getting married again, if I understood that he's looking to start something with me...he asked me if I trust him.

I'm on this site to understand two things 1) what happened, and 2)what to do. UGH!

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capricorn man
by: Tammy

Mmmm. Are you sure he is a capricorn? What month was he born in? It would have to be January.The December capricorn does'nt possess this type of behavior.Then again if he's young that could be it.After all he is a man.

The difference between a december and a january capricorn
by: Anonymous

what is the difference between a December, and a January Capricorn?

capricorn male in love
by: Anonymous

I have been dating a december capricorn male on & off for the past 6 months. These traits sound similar to our relationship in a less intense way. I have known this man for 2 years & had previous knowledge of his past experiences. He was never one to allow a girl to rush him into anything & the more pressure a girl put on him the more he would reject them. You could attribute alot of these traits to him just being a man. I have noticed that a lot of the times when he goes M.I.A. it's generally after something has occured between us that Ive have gained deeper insight on his life or feelings. It's hard for me to feel connected to him or even not feel used at times. The one thing I can always say is this man is there for me 110%, despite his MIA hidings, whenever I need anything he commits himself to being my knight in shining armor. I know that even when he's MIA if I truly needed something he'd be there. He's a very private & reserved individual however can on all accounts appear confident & outgoing. He covers his true self up by always being the person asking the questions to get a conversation going so many people overlook that he never once in a conversation revealed anything about himself. He never truly communicates his feelings to me but has revealed to my close friend once when she saw him during one of his MIA periods that he had truly deep feelings for me more so than anyone but was so freaked out by them & felt he didnt have the time to commit to a relationship. Knowing his level of commitment to even the slightest tasks I cant imagne how daughting he must feel about a relationship. Generally speaking he is so loyal & will always come back from hiding, always apologizing. I am sick of him apologizing as I have notcied the pattern but realize telling him this would create him to sink back into hiding to analyize some more. Currently (past 2 days) went back away from me. I explained to him that I know he analysizes to the point of paralysis. This was so shocking to him that it was noticable or that I called him for it. His immediate response was everyone analysizes this much. I told him he needs to get out of his own head sometimes & to realize that anything i say is never with the intention to harm him but to help him. I am an optimistic leo so he is intially drawn to my positive fire but it is hard for me not to scortch his peaceful thoughtful existence. I feel I have so much to learn from this person & his dedicated loyalty (i know his MIA periods dont make him sound loyal) has allowed me to not have all of the walls
built around my life that I usually have with another person. I want to show him all my passion & how I want to nuture him however I know this intimacy must be won over time. He is the one man that I feel will truly be there through it all if he can just truly see that I would never intend on hurting or exposing himself to others. I am not sure if this story helps but I felt there was some similarities to note

about cap male in constant MIA
by: Ms Taurus

Very simple, Ms... A true gentleman doesn't do that. Forget about him. Let him go crazy in his own headcase world. Good men don't disappear on the woman they make love to. If Cap is a coward and can't make a decision, toss him out. He is not worth your time. Ask God for a good man. Don't wait for a confused coward man - cap or sag or camel or whatever - to get his act together. Waste of a good woman's time. Forget him. He is garbage. Next he calls don't answer. Ignore him. Take the good stuff and toss the bad. One good valiant honorable man is better than 10000 capricorn or 1-million-horned goat. Hold your head high.

certainly a trait of capris
by: dont ask dont tell

it is certainly a trait of capris who are lovelost. they are trying to findthat something in you which they have lost. capris are planned so without wasting time rushed you into bed and next mornign he found out that this was not what he wanted. a little guilty of extradoing plus carrying a new realtionship whch he never wanted . so he would then really slow down. less calls/rare texts/always u are damn irrirated and consider him someone who used you. so u then dump him. but he would not. he can still contact you as a freind and momemnt he does so, you cant resist old fire. is a capricorn. most probably he is still not engaged himself with love of his life. moment he does, you cant find him.

he's a capri for certain!
by: Anonymous

They tend to change their minds a lot. Either that or he's just playing the field. My fiance (a capri; i'm a leo) he's done that in the past simply because he wasn't looking for anything serious at the time.

capricorn male
by: Anonymous

I'm a capricorn male and I can tell you once a capri man has his mind set on something he does it. This situation just happened to be getting you into bed. Almost all capri men would never make sex a target to hit. He is probably just starting to mature.

ud be surprised
by: Anonymous

I think im really bringing it fresh for these blog answers, but yours doesnt take much, he was drinking. Its the lic, complety turns us upside down. Everything we are goes out the window and become polar opposite, alcohol,ex-pills is something we have to control, or we lose are mysteries sex appeal and become horny goats.(get it) As far as the constant contacting, he fell in love with a particular body part of yours. It happens. The flipside is it was a test, and you failed, too easy. No control over your hormones, no trust.

by: Capricorn

Girl this man is playing u oh how i wish was that guy,u see capricorn guys they never make mistakes that they don't have excuses for may b that guy is not a capricorn

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