Help with my Aquarius man

okay i am a Capricorn who is talking to a Aquarius guy and i met him over a month ago. he has never asked me out on a date but again we have only seen each other twice since the 1st time I met him. I do really like this guy and I know he knows it but I am not sure if he is feeling me or not and don't know what to do or how to react? We text and talk at times. texting more than talking of course and when I mentioned to him about asking me out on a date all he said was he doesnt like structure in his life and would rather just go with the flow. I understand him because I read up on his sign but then again I just dont know what to do and I don't want to give up on this guy because I do like him and believe it can work.

Also I feel as though I am definitely putting more of an effort to connect him then he to me and sometimes he won't text me back when I have but for the most part he does. I don't know what to do. please help :)

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same situation
by: Anonymous

Dear Cap girl after Aquarius guy....I'm Cap girl in same situation...I'd say, don't give up...just be elusive but steady and don't lose your patience.
if he's afraid of structure, try to give him lots of freedom. if he's meant for you he'll come around. good luck--I know we Capricorns like RESULTS! esp since we don't give our hearts easily. I'll try to take my own advice too
:-))) and hopefully we'll both come away with positive results. I'll be sending you positive energy all the way ;-)))

by: Anonymous

dear other capicorn after aquarius as well,

I am working on my patience a lot more than I have EVER before and definitely give him a lot of room/freedom and yes he is afraid of structure. However, now I haven't heard from him since christmas day and no response from him either
when I have text him recently. No idea what to think at this point because we did see each other prior to christmas and nothing sexual happened nor has ever happened, we just hung out. very confused and kind of hurt.

But I will take your advice and say "if its meant to be he will come around" :) Thank you for the positive energy, I needed it.

If he wants it, he has no problem telling you that...
by: Ashley/His Sweetie/Gemini in love with an Aquarius

I am a Gemini and I have an Aquarius man myself. He is one in a million, both in a good and bad way.. mostly good though. What i have come to realize is that he is honest. Not so much with him mouth only.... Aquarius men have ways of letting you know how they feel without saying a word. He might say he's ok... but its not what he says.. its how he says it. If he doesnt answer his phone after you call 4 or 5 times, understand... he's just not that into you. If he fusses at you about you not spending time with him or you not being as laid back as he is... He trying to get that alone time to tell you how he feels but you just arent giving him the chance. One big NO NO with him will be... DO NOT ASK HIM ABOUT HIS EMOTIONS. It will push him away.. he is more into reading you and getting to know you... Unfortunately for you... You have to do the same but without his help.

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