Help with my Virgo man

I met this Virgo man and he said that he doesn't want a relationship with me but he does want to be rather platonic we both love and really enjoy each the company so much help each time I am with him I fall in love he is just a sweet guy but is so aloof at times I am in love. Help!

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by: Anonymous

It is hard for me to say this. Virgo male and female can be very stubborn and hard head, lol, lol...They are very loyal. It is hard to open Virgo's heart until he/she open for you. In nature, Virgo always aware of that he might not meets the right person of his expectation. He doesn't want to end up in pain; broken heart as a result. In your article, he just want to be friend- that can means he may be been through from the past. So, if you really in love with him, just stick with him as a friend first for observing what will be as a result. I believe Virgo will be please if you have the right and pleasing/meaning words toward him. Don't let go or give up on Virgo. You need to take time and be patient if you love him. Give him a plenty of time to think. He doesn't like to rush for a close relationship. Don't lost touch with him; go slow.
You will win his heart and he will be your. Good luck!!!


by: Anonymous

Yes, The Virgo man is VERY aloof... I dated one for 4 months and you know I never felt connected to him at all! But his personality traits just made me cling to him even more! Once he does realize he wants you and gets the courage up to commit things will be awesome! Trust me!!

-Gemini Meagan

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