Her or me?

by Lulu

My cancer guy was separated and going thru a divorce. Once she (a Scorpio) showed signs of wanting him back, he broke up with me (a Pisces). She initiated the divorce.

He now comes back to me occasionally to see if I am still interested and avl. because things are not going well for them. They are still separated and she is being cold towards him. He realizes that I cannot be with him til he is divorced.
I slept with him once after 7 months of saying no. I have not heard from him in 3 weeks. Their relationship is at a standstill.

I sometimes think they will never do anything til she meets someone else. His loyalty is astounding. He is waiting around for her to change her mind and I don't think she will. I am living my life and trying not to wait for him, but he is always on my mind.

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you will get all of him
by: Anonymous

listen he is with scorpio because she is pleasing him in different ways sexaually but not emotionally and cancer men need someone who is a great counsellor and obviously shes not you are are probably better at that but u dnt keep him on his toes enough to keep him wanting more

Still waiting...
by: Anonymous

No, he is not having sex with her at all, so he says. They are not even communicating or living together. He gets in touch with me once a month to find out if I have anyone new in my life and to tell me nothing has changed with him. I think you're right about keeping him on his toes though. Maybe I'm too available and he knows I want a relationship and he won't be ready for that for a long time. Last time we spoke he thought the divorce was coming soon because her financial situation had gotten better. I would love to say "call me when the ink is dry on the divorce" but I know it would kill me to not have any contact all that time. In the mean time I am still out there, but can't seem to connect with anyone else.

live your life
by: Lulu

You are right to go ahead with your life and to continue to date other men. Sounds like you are the "backup". Cancer men need to be loved and need their egos stroked and you provide that for him since he is no longer getting it from his wife. He will continue to stay in touch when it suits him because Cancers take a long time to let go. Once he does let go, it will be for ever, so this still may happen with him and the wife.

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