Holding out on sex kept my Aries mans interest

I am a libra woman who is very choosy on who to give my heart to. When I was younger my long term relationships were Leo ( a best friend type, which I love almost no effort and for me I need a challenge ) followed by Gemini (up and down always and lot's of drama.) I have flirted with Sag and Cancer both of whom are very intriguing.

I took some time off from dating after my 2 year whirl wind (Gemini) for a year and picked up dating again recently.

My first date was with a Virgo ( alluring but wish wash ) and now I have fallen totally head over heels for an Aries man.

I thought I knew love and realized I knew nothing the day I met my Aries match. He is in love with me and totally drawn to my Libra Nature... just being in my presence calms him and our energy seems at peace when we are together. I am nervous about my feelings because I will give all my heart and soul to this person. ( A bit jaded on getting my heart broken. ) Its been a month and he can see us moving in together and
getting married.

I told him I am starting to feel the same way but am remaining a little distant again not wanting to proceed so fast. It's easy for me to be overly romantic move fast so I am trying to pace this relationship and feel him out. We have yet to have sex... I am keeping it at a distance and find myself being very sensual and enjoying the heat and watching him become aroused by my soft and gentle touch.

Okay... let's face it I am in love. The key to a Libra Heart varies as it does with every individual... there is more to a relationship than a sun sign combination. Each person is made up of different experiences.... I would have to say him complimenting me and being romantic and his enthusiasm about life and adventure....win me over?

I can see him being my best friend and us being like Bonnie and Clyde. ( Libra and Aries match! ) The Libra has to keep balanced... Her charm is her masculine and feminine characteristics. When we first met he knew he wanted me and said for weeks that I was a hard read. Now that I have let him in we have spent a month together. Holding out on sex I believe kept his interest...

I am having a hard time believing it's real? I am also a Tiger and my other signs are sag and scorpio.

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by: Anonymous

I could have written 90% of these posts. I've been dealing with one of these guys (I'm Libra, he's Aries) for 5 years. One minute, he
seems to love me... I won't give him sex, because he keeps saying "just friends", then he pouts and ignores me when he doesn't get it or I can't read
his mind. I do love him, but he drives me insane. He won't go away, either! Either come or go! Even now, when he sees me with other men, he stares at
them. He brought a date on New Years eve and stared at ME while sitting next to her. He never touched her, the entire time. I need an intervention!! It's been 6 months or so since we've had a conversation, and he is still doing this!

by: Anonymous

How funny, this Aries guy is just like that! He does not go away, but he wont tell me anything about him. I saw him one day at the store with some girl and he snuck away from her, just to whisper behind me at the check out line.."hey, princess, I'll call you later" WTF was that about?? I had told him months ago to leave me alone and never remember me again. He did not get it. how did he have the nerves after telling him to @uck off, he still does not leave me alone. He left a note at my door a couple of months after, leaving his number to call him. well after a couple of months seeing him with a girl i got over it, i was just shocked he snuck away just to talk to me! that made me think he is a cheater! well , finally today, we are going to meet at the park to lip lock, I have not kissed him in over a year! he is very persistant, but not very smart!

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