Hopeless Romantic for Virgo and Aries.

by Peaches

I honestly don't know what to do...
We have been together since October 10' and we've been working things out. The biggest problem, it's a one way street. I tell him everything and anything, and he tells me everything and anything he wants me to know. OK, so I went spying, he messaged some girl on Facebook (IE. FACEBOOK KILLS RELATIONSHIPS) and I saw him message some chick, "I had to say, I was looking through your pictures, and you have the most beautiful smile". When I approached him, first appologizing for looking at his stuff, it all got turned around. i ended up apologizing and he was right about it. "She's a old friend, it's nothing, if you look for negative things you'll find it. I thought we were going to trust one another to the fullest". I said "Alright, add me as your girlfriend on there" he gladly did and things were good. That night, I dropped him off with his son, he couldn't chill so I went to a party. He broke up with me OVER FACEBOOk because I went to a party.

I just feel, he ruined it. Im a Virgo. I love who I can trust. I no longer have those feelings for him. he keeps telling me "I'll never leave, I wont walk out" but since October he's walked out every 2 weeks. its just completely rocky.

His anger: When he's pissed, theres no talking to him. Hes always right, everything you say to smooth it over will only get you deeper because he nit picks at everything I say till he finds a flaw.
His jealousy...is INSAINE! He doesn't want to hear anything about another dude. If I say a guys car is nice, I'm hitting on him. If I answer a guys question in line, I'm hitting on him. He says "I just can't stand to think about you doing anything with another man, I just hate it". If a guy friend comes over, I better be all over him or else I am Ignoring him the whole night. If I say something about a guy (I hang with all guys, so it's hard not to) its who is he, how do you know him, did you guys ever hook up, has he ever hit on me, did I hit on him. And if all those are good answers, were in the clear. If not, he will mean mug him all night and make everyone completely uncomfortable.

Him drunk, it even worse! He will sit there and pour his heart out about how much I mean to him and the trust issues I have, but if I do the same, instead of the sweet "It's ok baby, I love you, im here for you, you can talk to me and I will just tell you the honest truth, that I love you, and I'm not going anywhere, you just have to let me love you, cause I already want to". No, I dont get that, I get "What the fudge! Why do you always doubt me...you knw...im used to it, nevermind, everyone in my life always doubts me".

a couple of my friends say Im in a lesbian relationship because it seems like Aries men bitch and moan about sh*t that jealous girls would usually do.
Its a total mind F...but I love him. He and I can laugh and smile and just be best friends. Our bodies fit together perfectly, and he can do me in the right ways each time. We have everything in common...its just those couple things.
I just dont know if its worth it or not.

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