Hopelessly In Love with a Leo

by Keansky
(Scotland UK)

I have been dating a Leo Man for about ten months - he chased and I made him aware I was interested. Anyway cut a long story short, we split up yesterday, after a discussion where he admitted that he had pulled back from the relationship as he was falling quite deeply, we decided that we were both a different places in our lives. We both workout regularly at the same club (have very similar interests)he asked that if he saw me at the club could he come and chat, I said no that we would be civil to each other only as I know (and so does he) that the link is so powerful with us that chatting would lead to coffee then to dinner and back to square one again.

I will miss all daily conversations, our mad antics and the close friendship but I have to think of me (I am hurting very badly but I am a strong person)and my needs not just his.

I will always have a strong connection with him and we can never see each other again. Incidentally I am a Taurus woman. I do believe that he is hurting but as we both agreed we are at different places at the moment. I so loved being with him but have to look to future. I just wish he hadn't got cold feet which is what I think it is.

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I am sorry to hear that!
by: Anonymous

Oh boy! Hollywood people should make a movie about a taurus and leo couples. There is this weird connection between the two. I mentioned that I always get caught by a taurus. I don't know why and how. A person with a taurus sign always rush into commitment and leo is the opposite. It takes a long time before a leo make a commitment. The more you rush into commitment and long term plans, the more you make a leo worried and eventually things fall apart as taurus decides to move away. Regardsless of how great person one is, leo prefer to be alone than making commitment immediately. On the other hand, if a leo likes you enough, he will stick around and be very loyal without a commitment.

If you break up with a leo and he likes you, he will always seek your attention as leos love being padded. So yeah, he is seeking your attention. You can either learn to live together without commitment for a long time or you move on. A leo will always remember the good times you have spent together, he may regret of losing you but he can't do much about it. Commitment is a scary thing for a leo which doesn't necessarily mean he is not loyal.

My taurus buddy and I have a friendship with benefits but I have not fooled around for 5 years until the beginning of this year but I never told him about it even though he might be wondering if I am sleeping with other guys.

Good luck!

Hopelessly in Love with a Leo
by: Keansky

To anonymous,

Thanks for your comment, its has given me a better insight and appreciate it that you have taken to the time to do this.

My pleasure...
by: Anonymous

hope it can help...wish the best for you.

Helpful advice please regarding a Leo Man
by: Keansky

Dear Anonymous

You replied with a very helpful comment in the past to my Hopelessly in Love with a Leo.

Well after everything we did make up and things were going great again until Friday there. Having a great night out, and few drinks later, me and my leo are walking along the road got to the train station had a coffee and boarded the train. We had been discussing me moving house etc and said I didnt know whether I might move abroad and that an ex of mine had been in touch through facebook and he was planning to move to France. Things just kind of went down hill from there. My Leo asked where he was living and I told him, he asked how old he was (he is 3 years younger than the Leo) and I did a stupid thing, I said I could also move down with my ex to France for 3 months see if I like it and if it didnt work out move back home. When we got to the car at the station, he asked me if I was coming back to his and I said no and thought it was the end of the road for us. He was quite shocked - all I wanted was to know if he liked me as too be honest I never know. Anyway cut along story short I did end up back at his, he asked what had brought this on, and what started was that he didnt take my hand when we were walking along the street. I stayed over in the spare room, and he was so nice to me the next day. When I was leaving he came up to me and said how did I want to leave things, as just friends or how we were. I very stubbornly said I couldn't be friends as I fancied him gave him a kiss and left. I really dont think he could have cared less. Anyway, I have now reflected on everything, and that's why I realise my reaction was purely stubborn when I did want us to continue. I am so angry with myself. Sent him a text last night saying " I am sorry. I Fancy you. I am stubborn at times. I am loyal. I dont sleep around." He has not responded in anyway - I wont send anything in else. This time I think I have pushed it too far and destroyed something that was really good through stupidy and drink.


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