How a Capricorn man behaves

by Samuel

He is usually the quiet type and very conservative. he can be very melancholic owing to failures or past traumas. He will test the waters first before jumping into it. He loves to speak to people who share his interest and can be very friendly than his outer self may portray to you.
He shies speaking in public especially if it will attract unnecessary attention. He thinks more of his work and mostly of his family.

He is real and a faithful lover. But there is a little work you need to do if you really want the best out of him is to try to woo him from his shells and he will do the rest of the work for you in terms of anything.

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help with cap
by: Anonymous

Yeah Capricorn man are strange people you cannot really understand them. I been deals with one for 4 months he told me that he loved me. Then he does thing to upset me like, if I spend the night with him and he had to go to work in the morning he would give me the key to lock the door. But now when he leaves he asks me to leave. I said to him why do i have to leave you have not been asking me to leave when you leave oh then I say you are doing this because you want to bring someone else to the apartment. He immediately when off saying I can bring whoever I want this is my place and that he did not care if he never sees me again. Did I betrayed his trust.

My perspective
by: Anonymous

Yes, one thing about caps, if you question thier trust or commintment, they will be turned off completely. Never question them, they will always be faithful, obviously if they're with you. But since you've done that, honestly I don't think he'll come back... That's my opinion though, try to give him time, take it one step at a time. You done started over, so you already know the long path you have to take.

Hope this helped you.

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