How can I get an Aries guy back?


He's an aries guy of 20 years we were so close to each other for years. He asked me to be his girlfriend but I was thinking that I'm too young for dating so we had a deal to be friends and whenever we feel anything we're gonna say it I can't remmber what happened but we had about a year where we weren't that close and honestly in that year I couldn't get him out of my mind so I'm trying to get him back but he's not giving me that chance. Everytime I see him I see that look in his eyes I know that he wants me but he refuses to say it and when I try to tell him that he changes the subject.

I can't understand him I'm a libra girl and can't get him to talk to me. I need to know how can I get him back to the way he was

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He hesitates because you do
by: Aries

Since you told him that you could only be friends, he is going to act like that unless you tell him you want to be more than that

by: Anonymous323

im an aries if u tell me to be a friend and i previously asked u to be my girl.And get denied then i will try to ignore you.Until you give me the attention i want.He wants you to tell him you messed up and didnt realize you had feelins for him.He wants to know you let your guard down so he can let his.

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