How can i get my Sagittarius man back?

by Simi

I m a 27yr old Taurean women and dated a 33yr old Sagittarius man for 2 months. I almost fought with him in every single week, but he always settled things back and i grew to love him more and more..but was very suspicious as if he is really committed to me or he always sent me mixed signals. We just met twice in this period. He wanted me to be in bed with him,and in such a short period i was not comfortable to do so...though we had strong attraction between us. I wanted to end up everything.. so the last week fought thrice with him so that he gets bored and decides to leave me forever.. i really succeeded to hurt him.. and he ended up too... saying to me that he never loved me and just considered me his sweet pal..i was sure right from the first day hat he is definitely gona withdrew as he loved is freedom.. We have not had communicated since last 15days,but now as time is passing by i am unable to forget him..and loving him more and more with each day,how can i get him back..will he forget every wrong thing that i did with him and restart a new relationship.. Guys pls suggest and help me ..

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dating a sag man and im taurus
by: Anonymous

Look darling, first of all. Breath deeply and relax.
I am taurus being dating a Sag man on and off the past 2 months, its really hard for us (taurus) to copy with Sags ways of living and in a relationship. Before anything just honestly ask urself if you are willing to feel uneasy for ever? But, ok if u still want to get him back, u do not contact him at all. Disappear but at the same time try to go..just every now and then to his hang out spots, don't go alone, not with a man tho, go with some female friends, and make sure u look hot, then have fun, ignore him and if for some reason u guys cross sight then just wave and smile or even go and say hi to him like he's a dear friend u haven't seen in a long time, then leave with a smile and tell him to have fun and never again for the rest of the night look at him, meet guys, laugh, be charming and leave without saying good bye. I can guarantee you, he'll be calling u next day. Don't answer. Ignore him for a while, the thing with a Sag is that they get bored easily and that's why they like variety, so the keys to keep him into u only are basically: do not talk much about how u feel, neither ask him, be always interesting, a bit misterious, have other friends, have ur own plans, ignore him a little from time to time in other words.... Make him chase you...ALWAYS that's what they love. NEVER make him feel u r on the back of his hand.NEVER. Love him and respect him yes.. But be like the biggest prize he will have to work hard every week( yes week not everyday) they like to chase but not beggin, that will bore him too.
I hope I help ;) and in case he doesn't come back...don't worry. The sea is full of fishes. Next time try with a capricorn or would NEVER want to go back!!! Trust me.

Saggitarius just care about sex
by: Anonymous

Saggitarius are great lovers but guess what! when they get bored they leave you without thinking of your feelings. It's hard for them to focus in one person. So I think that Taurus women are much happier with capricorn guys.

Really miss Him
by: Confused

I have been dating my sagittarius for 5 months (born Nov 30), I am capricorn. He said he is very private, which I am but i will say things to my closest friend. anyway i have a close friend that i told something private about our relationship and he heard it back. We had an argument and he said "oh you chat too much". I felt offended and angry and started telling him to leave me alone etc.

I didnt mean what I said but being angry i decided i wasnt gonna call him. Also, after hanging up i texted him explaining how he could have heard back what i said and from who. I did say a few more angry words but nothing disrespectful....Its been 2 days and i do miss him so much but im not gonna call him. Do u think ur advice can help me?

ps..I mite see him tonight at one of our hang out spots...I will try ur advice on how to act.

Did you get him back?
by: Anonymous

I'm a Pisces girl, who misses her sag man like effng crazy! Did it work? We are on a "break"

My man Sagittarius has stopped talking to me
by: Honey

hi i m a cancerian and i was in relationship with a sagi man who is 7 years elder to me since 6 months. we had all ups n downs but still evrythng use to come back to normal. But this time (without any fight or argument) he has text-ed me not to msg him anymore and he mean it.. i dunno wat to do.. he is behaving strange since i tld him tht my marriage got fixed. He never committed to marry me. we both knew tht we will nt get married but we had commitment to be friends forever....
He is not talkin to me at all n i m gng mad.. missing him so badly tht all my day n nite are gng in crying for him to come back..
please tell me what to do???

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