How can i make it last forever?

by Mindy
(Grand Junction, Colorado)

I'm a Scorpio woman, and I just recently moved back to a place i lived in a few years ago. I bumped into an old Aquarius sex buddy, and right when I saw him the attraction was there. We went by the Colorado river and kissed- you know all the cheesy stuff ;). We decided to be together, and I know I love him. Can I get some tips so I won't mess this up? This is too amazing to let go of again!

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space an trust
by: Anonymous

give him space thats all we need an trust him dont let the space make u thinkhes doin some cuz trust me hes not he probably be doin nothin but thats just wat we need to kno that we can do wat wat ever we want

wHAT to do
by: Vlad

Aquarius guys are really complicated...they get scared when it comes to when you are to say I love you make sure that he loves you back and you are willing to be with each forever...

Typical Aquarius
by: Aquarian

Let me get this straight. Aquarian is not complicated, in contrary they are very simple. But when it comes to commitment, they will be very detail and serious coz they really have full respect of commitment. Aquarians really don't like someone destroy what the've built, that's why they looked afraid but they don't. They only worry if the couple (in this example Scorpios)can not keep the commitment itself coz this happened to me, though eventually we're married after almost nine years relationship.

So if any Scorpio woman fall in love with Aquarian man, make sure you give him full trust and reasonable space, be honest and be yourself coz that's the key. Trust me, once you get Aquarian's heart, then you have no reason to worry about commitment coz you just need to maintain the commitment.

Basically, Aquarians never been happier than to see someone they love is truly happy and never been sadder than to see someone they love sad or hurt.

One more advice : stay away from jealousy, it doesn't work and only distracting the relationship you've built.

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