How can I show a Libra I really want her?

(California Fremont)

I really don't believe in astrology compatibility but the basis really is correct. The problem is how do I talk to a Libra when I already flirted with one of her friends who's now my best friend and a middle girl saying she's already talking to someone. Girls always say men are always unfaithful. I'm joining the military soon just like my parents and their parents. How can I show this Libra I mean what I mean and I really want her to be with me. Thank You

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how to show a libra you love her
by: barb libra monkey

If you really want to show her, TELL her and follow up with a nice outing that is intimate but also adventurous. something that isn't going to the bedroom and have lengthy conversations with intermittent humour...not crass though!
Give her your full attention whilst she is talking...for me, this is extremely important...eye contact and thoughtful replies of honesty prove to me that a man is not only interested, but can be trusted.

Show her
by: Anonymous

Libra here. You really want to show her? What is it that you love to do? Hang out with your friends or something you wouldn't normally miss? Let her know you canceled it for her. A good Libra will not let you do this for long. If a friend calls say you will call them back later. She wants to know she has your attention and you'd rather be with her than any where else. After awhile ease up carefully and enjoy your friends. Just make sure you have given her your time first so she will be a happy Libra;) I have been with my Gemini for years because he did this very thing with and for me. I knew he was right for me when he chose me over other things. We are involved with our own hobbies of course. I just know I come first place in his world. I respect that and give him his space in return. Hope this helps!

by: Anonymous

She is truly an embodiment of balance. She has poise, grace, beauty and intelligence but most importantly she has caught your eye. That said, she has probably caught everyone’s eye in the room as well. She is a social butterfly, able to make others laugh and enjoy themselves all without any effort on her part. She walks in a room and can easily outshine any star in the sky

well :)
by: Anonymous

Hi there,
im a Gemini guy and met a libran girl. Its kind of awesome and kind of weird too :) After we met for first time at a party it took like 2 weeks till we meet up and have proper conversation. In my opinion it went well. I think she wanted to meet again. But seems to me its damn hard to meet that woman again. I asked her out couple of times but always tomorrow or busy.Then she said she feels pressure. So i gave her the space, meaning no chatting. Im confused as this woman doesnt give any sign of where this is going. Damn hahahaha Life is a weird thing.
But i really like that woman! So now im a bit confused as to how should i proceed. Give her time without bothering her at all or text her once in a while and let her decide when she wanna meet?

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