How can I tell if a Pisces man likes me?

I'm a Scorpio girl and ive found this amazing Pisces that seems to be everything that I want. Super flirty, nice, funny, and over all fun. I have been searching on the internet of want will be my perfect match and its always pointing to a Pisces. The only problem is im not sure yet if he likes me more than a friend or not I just wish I knew so my question is.. how can I tell if a pisces male likes me or not?

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How can I tell if a Pisces man likes me?
by: Anonymous

How do I know when a Pisces man is into me? I am Scorpio woman and Know he has interest but how forwardly should I pursue. I am a Scorpio and I have already decided that he is worthy of my affection. He has 2 hang-ups he is friends with my ex who has on again off again relationship with drugs that doesn't allow him to really participate in this friendship that they have and he says he is afraid of commitment. What do you think Pisces guys? His friends have told him "people move on" as far as my ex goes and he has told me he enjoys our conversations and our one date. Sometimes I don't feel like he is feeling me because he is not outright with what he is feeling?

My view
by: Pisces guy

Pisces usually pick up vibes easy enough so you might wanna try letting him know you are interested using body language,conversation, even flirtation.Or you can be blunt, altho that kinda ruins it for me...there's no chase,fooling around,romance etc; playing the game is important for fish people.
Usually i act if i'm interested and remain distant if i'm not.
There's also the possibility he ain't interested but goes for it just because of the hunt(as i call it) and cuz he can.It's extremely easy to be fooled by fish guys so be careful.

how can u tell
by: sean lamar

i am pisces man myself what works for me is for u to jus tell me you feeling me. just try being blunt if he likes you he will tell you.

wife of Pisces
by: Anonymous

How to know if Pisces love you? - Easy, he will always be there for you, he will call you often, he will compliment you, he will write long letters to you, he will tell that he loves you, he will introduce you to his family and friends, he will hug and kiss you in public...Pisces are very sensitive and you can lose him if you emotionally hurt him. He may forgive you and come back but it will take a lot of efforts and time. Hope this helps.

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