How can I tell if my Taurus man is truly interested in me?

by Hannah

I am an almost 50 Cancer female, born the last week of June; he is a mid 50s Taurus, born the first week of May. Our relationship began through online chatting. He travels with his job a lot. After about 2 weeks of casual messages he said his job was bringing him to my city and asked if I would like to meet him. I didn't get the message until after he was supposed to be in town, so I sent him a brief apology and asked him to keep in touch. He sent another message and again made it clear that he was interested in meeting me in person, so I agreed to meet him in a city close by in a few weeks. The chats became more and more sexually charged in the meantime (first on his part, then I slowly started to join in.) By the time we did finally see each other the tension was unbearable and the sex incredible.

He writes and flirts with me daily on the internet, sometimes several times a day, and he has called me on the phone. He still wants to meet with me when I can make time and has even called me his girlfriend once. He also keeps telling me how sweet and wonderful he thinks I am.

Being a cancer I'm finding it hard to believe I'm the only woman he wants to see though, since he has several other attractive female friends showing on his profile on the website where we met that I believe he is also chatting with.

I have developed strong feelings for him but am afraid to tell him because he might not feel the same way. I have read that Taurus men equate love and sex as one and the same and do not just jump in the sack without having some kind of feelings for the woman. Is this true?

How can I tell if he is really wanting a relationship with me, or if he is just wanting another hot, steamy rendezvous???

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The six assessments
by: BrooklynTaurus

I am a Taurus...

Here are the signs we give off when we're really feeling someone...


1) AFFECTIONATE: If he can't keep his hands off of you, then he's definitely attracted to you. Tauruses crave physical contact. Kissing, caressing & any form of PDAs comes as easy as breathing for them. They're also visual and somewhat shallow people when it comes to looks. So if he's all over you, (especially in public) consider yourself a knockout!...1st assessment

2) DEBATE: When we're really feeling someone. We want to know if they can stimulate our intellect as well. This is usually accomplished through debates. We want to understand how you think, and what makes you tick. Tauruses are master debaters. We think we know everything! If we haven't debated with you, then we're not that into you!....2nd assessment

3) COOKING: If he has offered to cook for you, then he's in love. Tauruses love to cook for their loved ones (yes, even the men). However if you have cooked for him, this is still a bonus for you....3rd assessment

4) SHYNESS: If he appears confident, disregard it, trust me, it's a facade. The women are probably gravitating towards him instead, and not vice versa. Tauruses, both men and women like to be pursued. It lets us off the hook from any anxieties. Yes, we're that bashful! It's easy for us to attract people. We're as charming, funny, artistic and charismatic as Libras, but we're also as shy, selective and grounded as most Virgos. That's the appeal we have to the opposite sex. If he's dropped subtle hints, and is more affectionate than verbal with you, he's defintely interested. He's just waiting for you to SAY it!...4th assessment

5) FAMILY: If he's introduced you to his family. He's claiming you as his! No games, no BS! A Taurus motto? I HAVE. You're now his posession to show off to his friends and family members. At this point he's sees stability with you. We're very protective of ourselves and our family members. No 'riff-raffs' will meet our family members. You can bet on that! Other zodiac signs may do it, but not a Taurus. we're very, very selective....FIFTH ASSESSMENT

6) HUMOR: Tauruses have funny bones and are natural born comedians (ie George Carlin, Tina Fey, Cedric the Entertainer, Seinfield). If he's cracking jokes around you, or constantly laughing at your jokes, then it's a sure sign that he's extremely comfortable with you, and possibly falling for you...LAST ASSESSMENT

If he's pulling disappearing acts, he's either stressed about a family situation, stressed with finances (we're money-hungry workaholics), you were not straightforward with what your intentions were, made him jealous, or you may NOT have passed all the assessemnts! Remember, we're very selective.

2010 Sept
by: Anonymous

He is using you for sex. No offence, but for a mature lady you are incredibly naive. Please do yourself a favour and find a decent bloke.
Much Love.

Thanks Brooklyn Taurus
by: Anonymous

That was encouraging.

Thank you....

What Brooklyn Taurus said...
by: Taurus Female

Everything Brooklyn Taurus said is spot on. Anonymous was being mean and spiteful (obviously not a true Taurus, either that or someone scorned by a bad relationship themselves, and if so, I can see why).

But that's not why you're here...

This Taurus guy of yours... Has he talked about the future? Where he sees himself, or asked about your future? I do know you are very compatible! The same birthday proximity as my husband and I of 16yrs(last week of june/first week of may), our individual personality construct aside(due to upbringing, life experience, etc), our values are perfect for each other! Cancer signs offer all the stability we Taurus crave in a serious relationship and they are a perfect match! We do have to feel you are worthy of a lifetime of Taurus stability and support! We do like to be pursued...(not stalked, mind you, just pursued) lay on the love, but don't smother him, and be proud of him, just for knowing him. He may be taking his time because he isn't quite ready to take the next step for whatever reason,it's usually quite hard for Taurus men to take it to the next step with commitment, because trust takes a long time to build up (it might help to 'leave the door ajar' for him in such conversations...) It's a difficult step for Taurus since we are so giving of ourselves. But Hannah It definitely doesn't mean he won't be ready the next time he sees you, or the time after that. Just remember, keep yourself in good shape, be good and kind to him. Don't be boring! Remember to laugh at his jokes. Re-iterate your values in a relationship and he'll be yours in no time!

Oh, and one more thing... We don't 'do it' with people that don't have potential to begin with. (Flirt? Yes... Anything further? No)

what's new?
by: Anonymous

So, was the "Anonymus" mean and spiteful or was it the case of the anonymus being insightful ;)?

Is he really into me or is it something else?
by: Hopeful Virgo

I've known my T-man for a few weeks now cos we're working together. From day 1 he seemed to be interested. But I've been wary cos of a bad past and I didn't want to assume. I put every action if his down to his being friendly or a genuinely nice guy. Till last week when I started reading up on the whole Taurean male personality thing, I wasn't sure. I just let things go with the flow. But I still wud like a genuine opinion from a Turus male on whether my guy's really into me or not?

1. We had been mailing each other before we met. Professionally and random pulling of each other's legs over mails.
2. First day we met, found out he knew quiter about. He confessed to have researched on me! Joked he was worried about me being a threat, which was weird cos we're not from the same teams and I in no way pose a threat to him.
3. Took me shopping the next day and wanted me to try on stuff he picked up! Found it strange cos I've never seen anyone ever do that on the second day of the meeting.
4. 5th day - cooked for me.
5. 5th day also, hugged and kissed me my head. Got quite emotional about a few personal things. We ended up opening about our pasts.
6. I went on a trip and came back. He wudn't look me in the eye. I got worried if I had bothched up something on the project. But by evening he was fine.
7. Has told me time and again, I get him. Like no one does.
8. Has ruffled my hair time and again.
9. Has touched my legs couple of times.
10. Finally before he left for another project we made out. But never went all the way.
11. He hugged me tight. Never felt so safe.
12. Said he'll meet me again.
13. Told me yestereday he wants to come over and spend some time with me.

Now, here's why I'm wary of assuming things - he never calls. I have to call/SMS/mail. When I do cal, our chats can go on for an hr.

Is he really into me...or is it just the physical thing? Asking cos I don't want to go wrong again. And I really do like this guy. He's the stability I crave.

by: Audra

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