How can we keep aries men after we got them?

by tia

Ive been dating an aries man for 2.5 years. we knew eachother for4 months before we got together, he asked me to move in a week later. we work together and live together ever since. i am very physically attracted to him still, and i want to be perfect wife material, but i feel like im his mom who he talks down to, we dont have sex. did i rush into the relationship? do i give in too much? am i too easy for him and he is bored of me? is there anything i can do to gain his interest again and spark our sex lives?

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Aries Man Club (How To Keep His Interest?
by: Tavros

Unfortunately familiariarity does breed contempt,
and Aries Men enjoy variety. If you don't have sex what does he do? Is there someone else? These men base the glue of the relationship on how satisfying their sex life is? They are notorious for being sexually promiscuous.

by: Tavros

You must "NEVER" verbalise the phrase "GOT THEM"
These Men would respond to that by replying.
"I Do Not Belong To Anyone" Aries Man Quote.
That quote contains meaning which you need to
comprehand and adhere to, if you want to maintain
His Interest.???
He is "FREE" and allways will be in his "MIND"
even if he does attatch himself to A Woman, through Marriage or Some other Formal Living Arrangement.
You "NEED" to "EXPRESS" Your Individuality by
Being Independent, Confident, Bussy with Your
Own Personal Interests, and by Maintaining a
Physical Distance by Not Being Around Him or
"In His Face" Aries Man Quote.
These Men "Dream Alot" A.M.Q. In Their Mind
Dwelles and Resides An Image of "His Ideal Woman"
Where Sex is Concerned. "Not Good Wife Material"
He has an Aversion to Repetition and is allways
"Trying Different Things" A.M.Q.
"The Way To A Mans Heart Is Through His Dick" A.M.Q.
It does sound very Blunt sinse we were led to
believe that "The Way To A Mans Heart Is Through
His Stomach". For a Leo Man this is definetly the
Case and probably plenty More???
But for an Aries Man this does not apply. He will
enjoy a tasty meal and tell you so, but his Mind
is on the other dish which he impatiently Craves
for. "The SEX Desert".
Challenge his Mind by showing disinterest in Him
and by Showing Him that You Have a Personal
Interest of Your Own. That will Peak and Spark
His Interest??? He will become Competitive toward
Whatever this Interest of Yours Consists Of???
and One that Does Not Revolve Around Him!!!
It is Up to You to Use Your Imagination and Keep His Interest Toward Yourself Alive.

Good Luck and All the Best, Tavros.

Aquarius woman falling for an Aries man.
by: Anonymous

I have just recently started "seeing" an Aries man.
I met him in October and saw him for the second time in late November and third time this past weekend,But always keeping in "contact" whether on the phone or on Facebook. Both last times I saw him,I spent basically all day/night with him. We were together for 23 hours on the dot and I really like him. But reading a lot of these comments on this page are making me doubt a lot. He is very nice and outgoing which I like and also VERY independent but attentive which has me head over heals for him! He has commented on how he sleeps with me every night due to how the smell of my perfume still lingers on his pillow but how he would love to have me there in person instead,Has also invited me to go skiing with him for 5 whole days,(Which I can't,due to my job)
= ( And also sits and stares at me,when I confront him about it and tell him to stop staring at me like that,that it makes me blush he says he doesn't want to stop. He loves looking at me and into my eyes because I'm so pretty.When we see eachother or say "good bye" we do it with a kiss on the lips, Which has me really confused beacause I thought only couples did that! lol but in no matter do I feel like a couple. He has also said he didn't want me going back home...EVER,that if it were up to him,he'd kidnap me! lol So getting to the point...I guess my questions are :

1)I already gave myself up to him,does that mean he will automatically lose interest in me??

2) How to keep him interested in me? Since I obviously can't play hard to get anymore..hahaha

3) How to know for sure that he likes me?

4) When do you know for sure that an Aries man wants more than just a "fling" with you?

5) Should I wait for him to write/call/or invite me out when I see him online next time?

Thanks!! Crazy Aquarius woman waiting for some answers! LOL XoxOX

by: Tavros

Hellow Miss Aquariaus,

Things are always best at the begining, and you
have made a very good start. There is no need
for you to doubt that he will lose interest,
in you because you gave yourself to him, due to
the fact that he has already taken further interest in spending time with you and enjoying

It sounds to me that your new Mr. Aries really
likes what he sees and wants MORE then just SEX.
Otherwise he wouldn't have mentioned that you
are on his MIND or the FACT that he now wants
to take you on an activity which involves such
a challenging sport, as well as SHOWING YOU OFF.

Just continue to be YOUR PRETTY SELF and continue
to blush when he looks at YOU. It turns him on.
How many LADIES do you know whom possess such a
very rare QUALITY???

The God Of War is very CLEVER he sizes you up long before he takes a GENUINE interest in YOU
and decides to approach you and Pursue You.

This Mr. Aries does not sound to me as though
He is Just another "Mutton Dressed In Lamb".
He sounds Like the Real Deal. Keep allowing
him to CHASE YOU by NOT allways being available.
Afterall you are a bussy girl with her own interests and friends, whom are not going to
disapear just because he arrived on the scene.

Best Regards and Keep Me Posted, Tavros.


Hi there!

Posted an update on Aries man with Pisces Woman so look forward to your response XXX

Libra woman in love with Aries man
by: salt n pepper

Hi there,
I agree that you need to be unavailable to an aries man. This is expecially for all the librans like me in love with aries men. we work in the same office and he happens to be my super boss. hahahaha. It somehow clicked somewhere over a wats app and then we met and its been 6 mnths now. I dnt know how to keep him interested though he shows he is, for the following reasons:
1. m married so he can't be insecure n can any day leave me
2. he has clearly stated that we can't get married, as his family is orthodox
3. we hv made love, so no chasing happening
4. wat happens when i change job, have kid?
I m madly in love with him to the extent thata i think of divorce with my aquarius guy(I feel I went too quick to decide that I wanted ths guy to be my man)
Do you guys think its worth the tension that i take to grab the aries man's attention?
The fact is whenever we meet, he just sweeps me off my feet. When we don't he is madly busy with his company. In bed its like heaven on earth. My husband too can't satisfy me to this level. Any suggestions?

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