How do I get this Aries man? Help!

by Chazi

Here's my situation... I met an Aries man down my local sports centre, he works there. He gave me his number in case I wanted to book some personal training sessions. A little odd as he works pretty much every day, so I know where to find him. This made me think he maybe interested in me. After I sent him the first text we often exchange texts and at first there was some suggestive, flirty conversations. I'm really confused as to whether he likes me, his body language and eye contact says to me he does. He's suggested we train together and take a walk with our dogs but nothings materialized yet.

To throw a spanner in the works, I think he may have a girlfriend, though he's never mentioned her when we chat. What's more, I'm married but I can't ignore my feelings for him. I fancy the pants off him and think about him all the time! I need to know if he does like me will anything ever progress with us given Aries are supposedly faithful?

Hope someone can help x

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by: Anonymous

Aries are known for liking the chase of a woman and whilst they are usually faithful they r also known to stray. They can seem like a bit of an enigma because they chase and then can pull away just as quickly which is confusing to most women. Be aware that they r known for being tactless with their words, being a physical sign and just not thinking about the implications of the words they are communicating. I am told that they hate mind games, but in my experience they like to drop little acorns that will cause a ripple in your thoughts etc so be aware of this. Personally, I would leave well be, because you are both in a relaitonship and unless you want to spoil yours you need to think practically rather than emotionally. Good luck!!

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