how do i get this gemini girl

I'm an aquarius male and I'm going for this gemini girl i met a while ago. we were friends and we did flirt a little her more than me, then we moved and ended up moving to the same city, go figure! so now i want to step it up a notch. i want to go out with her now, or atleast on a date. i started out asking her if she wanted to hang out somtime she said yea, but she had no ride i had no car, sooo no date. we didnt txt eachother for a while then i asked again, she said she couldnt, so i assumed she just didnt want to go, which was ok with me i have patients for her.finnaly i got a good conversation going over txt (suprisingly it was about gardening) and now i think ive got her attention. she seems ready to hang out now and it will be the first time we seen eachother since we moved so i want to make a great impression, so how should i ask her on a date and what should i do to make a great impression when we meet again? the last thing i want to do is to bore her, and i dont no how fast to take things if the date goes well. i have eyes only for her right now so i really dont wanna screw up and move too fast. am i on the right track?

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