How do I know if my Male Leo friend likes me?

by belinda

I'm an Aquarius Female, and I met a Male Leo. We have been friends for a Year now. We are communicating through Emails, he sends me his childrens pictures every week. I just send my daughter's picture ones to him, but he always send me pic's of his kids. Does he trust me so much, or does he want me to read between the lines. He always send me the most beautiful emails, how do I know if he likes me?

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From one Aqua to another
by: Anonymous

I'm guessing that you think you've dropped hints that you have feelings for him, but actually never blatantly told him how you feel. Leo's have incredible egos and they won't put themselves out there or let their true feelings be known unless they are already 100% sure that they will be reciprocated, and even then they are going to play games. As aquarians, we have a general lack of interest towards what people think about us, we are willing to take risks and be vulnerable if needed, because chances are that vulnerability (or possible embarrassment from) won't last long, and we are able recover easily. You have to be totally honest with him and confess how you feel. Coax his ego and tell him about your feelings for him. He will ultimately respect you for this, and the more you flatter him, the more his feelings will grow for you, ultimately making him consider being with you. Chances are once you tell him you have feelings for him, he will want to know more and start fishing for compliments about when this started, why you like him, and how he makes you feel. Giving you easy opportunity to flatter. It is fine to play into this a little, and a good idea to give him specifics as to what you like about him.( ei.. parts of his body that turn you on, his ambition, or even specifics about how he makes you a better person) anything works, but the more genuine you are the more you will make him feel special, and therefore he'll want to be around you more. It is important, however not to overwhelm him with how you feel, or how much you want him. Be honest about your feelings, but don't delve into how you picture your future together, or what you want to name your kids. Definitely hold off on dropping a "love" bomb, or trying to discuss the two of you becoming a couple asap. That will scare off your leo and he'll feel like you came on too strong. Unfortunately, leos are game players and you have to juggle the fine line between telling him you like him, stroking his ego with why you like him, and then reserving how you picture the two of you together. Basically, you just want to tell him how you feel and why he makes you feel the way you do. Then you have to BACK OFF, and give him time to process. If feelings are mutual and you flattered enough, chances are they will feel comfortable enough to give you a opportunity to start something with them. Though, they will probably never be as vulnerable with you as you have to be with them, they will most likely be upfront with you about how you make them feel. So bottom line be honest, and open with your feelings, flatter his ego, but most importantly be careful not to scare him off. And you have a really good shot at seducing them.

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