How do i spice up my sex life with my leo man?

I thought my bed skills were good, until i met my Leo. He has the BIGGEST sex appeal and sometimes i think he doesn't like giving more than he gets.. HELP?

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the problem
by: AquaLady

Sooo...what's the problem?
Just give more! No, really, you don't have any bed skills? Just give him everything and be passionate, it will turn him on. Sometimes it will be good to just serve him so he will do that to you in return some other time.
Find new places and ways.
Flatter him before sex. Put on some luxurious lingerie or change the sheets and light the candles. It all works.
And if it's bad, then you can be quite open with Leos. Not to criticize, just tell him what you would really like or praise when he's done something good.

Idea # 1
by: Anonymous

A leo mans favorite position is a bj, be spontaneous about it like at the kitchen sink or while working out.... soul mate
by: Anonymous

I have been dating my leo guy for five years now and all I can say is IT'S..AWESOME... !!!!!!!!
He understands me so well.. it's spooky at times..a mind reader..generous..caring..sensitive..My soulmate!

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