How do Taurus men feel about Scorpio women?

by Pradagirl245
(New York)

It all started when I (scorpio) first enter my first day of college. He(taurus )started looking at me with an smile ask for my numer. So I gave him my number and I had his number. He did not text me or call me and I did not call him but always in school he would flirt talk to me and touch me. I thought he just being friendly but my friend said I think he likes you. So everytime I will see him I will flirt back and smile. One day him and his friend walk me to the train and he wallk down so we was talking and then hugging . And he ask for a kiss! We was kissing a long time until his friend came downstairs and was ready to leave. So we said bye and he started texting me once in an while asking me how I doing. So we start messing around and having affair in school. So we started touching each closely kissing and having sex in school. It was really an connection, but I did not want to get close. I dont know if he is tested me he ask for $ his phone bill and for his birthday I gave him $ and an gift. So you think he likes me or using me for sex and money?

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Dont pay a mans bill so quickly
by: Anonymous

Be careful. He could be using you. A woman shouldn't have to pay for a mans cell phone. What has he done for you to prove he has feeling for you, other then sex and affection. Other then sex, do you have a friend to count on when you need one? You need to have a sterdy foundation, and I personally dont think sex will be strong enough to a relationship going. You need more. Be careful guard your hwart and be honest with yourself. Trust the butterflies in your tummy. Good luck. By the way Im also a scorpio who just meet a taurus.

Thank You I Try To Guard My Heart, But it's Hard!!
by: Pradagirl245

I'm back! I am still confuse about my Taurus guy I can't even count on my ten fingers and toes how many times we had sex! The sex is out of this world...I shouldn't let it got this far but, every time I pull away he comes back kissing me like we first met. I want to let him go but how should I do it? Maybe your right he could be using me for money but he doesn't have a job and he is looking for work. And you know how living the college life can be a lot of money. I don't know why guy do this to girls. I'm just going change my number and hours I go school so I won't have to bump into him!But I always think about him all the time so this is going be hard. I guess it's true on what they say about Scorpio and Taurus first meeting like swim waves passing through. Do you think Taurus guy felt that too or is it just only me that felt that connection? The sad thing about is that he never told me how he felt about me! He is very secretive and does not expression his feelings but he always be the first one to kiss me and brings me closer to him for a hug and long hug too!
(I am a True Scorpio)

keep your options open
by: Anonyrus

Dear Prada 245, all i can say is trust your instinct which i believe is quite accurate if you are true to your sign (scorpio) and don't get carried away by your emotion moments of intimacy. An evolved taurus man would rarely and Not ask any kind of $$$ assistance from somebody they truly loved or care. A true and evolved taurus man would always be a gentlemen to his lady and i don't see any of that if what you have written is anything to go by. cheers and good luck :) stay strong

by: scorpion queen

i have known my taurus guy for 4 years and we had a n attraction but didnt think anything of it at the time. we recently took our friendship to the next level with steamy text mess. and enjoying eachothers non sexual company whenever we could for a year(2011).the attraction is growing stronger we recently share an explosive make out session like were teenagers I 27 and he 29. he told me that he has been waiting along time for this and i felt so wanted i melted. but im confused because we dont really share our emotions i dont kno where this could go because i would like to keep him forever.its so confusing cuz whenever were in contact the attraction is so heated ppl look around the room trying to figure out where the energy is coming from NO LIE! WHAT TO DO!

the truth aboout bulls
by: Anonymous

Prada you is. So right ima scorrpio and its hard tryna pull away from my taurus
been knowing him since high school. The sex is good don't get me wrong but he don't like to express his self neither! He don't ask for money me! I got a room that's it, but he always get the room so I guess one time want hhurt
I think about em a lot too..but I had to lock my feelings up and control myself
Its just the chemistry is there but ion! I'm like you he never tells me what he think of me but be quick to kiss and etc
With scorpios being sign of sex..we stay horny at times so why not get it in lol..

My Taurus guy
by: Anonymous

I feel the same way...I had an immature relationship with a taurus when i was young (maybe when i was about 14)... that was the most interesting relationship ive ever been in (now im 19) and it was so hard to pull away from him... ive recently met another taurus but this one was different...we sparked right after we was a new feeling to me...i never felt this way about someone and we never kissed. i only saw him one time but yet the attraction was so strong, i cant even explain it! we talked on facebook and chated on oovoo for about a month. the only thing that end up being a downfall was that we are both very hot-tempered, which led to a huge argument and an explosive ending. he is soooo stubborn. i tried apologizing, everything! to get him to communicate is like pulling teeth!!! i miss him ... idk if he misses me too ...

Don't fell for him
by: The Taurus Guy

I am a true Taurian and I know Taurians. We Taurians are proud people and we don't ask for help in cash from girls, until or unless we are using them. and in your case it is evident that he is using you. I have been with many girls in my life, and I treated them with respect even after having sex and all. Once i dropped my wallet somewhere and I had zero cash, and at the end of the date I came to know my wallet was pick pocketed and it was gone. I loved that girl and I respected her, so I didnt told her, told the manager the entire thing and I gave him my cellular phone to him as a guarantee. I walked her to the taxi, said her bye and called my friend and he came in and paid my bill and I took my phone back. I respected her so I didn't asked for cash. While later I was in affair with another girl, I didn't respected her because she was kind of a B***h. and I always asked money from her, paid my bills and loans from her pocket and rarely called her back and I used her for sex and money. However it short lived (I know I acted like an asshole and I regret that).
So in short, he doesn't love you, he doesn't respect you, he is only using you. So get out of it and save yourself, he is never going to love you back the way you want. And simply forget that he will ever marry you or change. I hope it helps.

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