How do you convince a Virgo?

by catherine

How do you convince a Virgo to open there heart to you? how do you convince a Virgo to have children?
How do you have a long distance relationship with a Virgo?

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How to convince a Virgo....
by: Anonymous

It is not too easy to persuade or convince Virgo to agree with you to have children(?) Virgo planed ahead of time whether to have or not to have children. Virgo knew that life cost a lot of resources, times, energies, and future. Although, Virgo worry to much about having children' future well being, growth, safety, and education. He will ask him or herself what and how if he has and raises the children and as the result, it won't meet his expectation?? He see thing different from other view-life is all about suffer. There is no other way to convince him to have children unless he or she decided to have children. It doesn't meant Virgo is irresponsible. He just sees life is not easy as I mention above. But, Virgos can be the BEST PARENT in the world. They scarify for their children such as resources, times, energies and take good care very precisely that her husband needs no worry. If you looking for a wife or husband, to care for you and your children, I bet you go for Virgo. She/he is your children teacher and a nurse not only a guidance or parent. Virgo is perfect and no matter what she/he is perfect. Search more and learn more about Virgo folks. Believe me; Virgo don't make believe. I'm myself Virgo no one can convince me. I will accept the offers some how but don't do the favor; other hand, if I love him or her as a true Love and mate for life. Virgo Loves and Cares

virgo man watching and waiting...
by: Anonymous

I am a cancer leo 25 july. I like this virgo dude and he is very intelligent and is very planned.this for me is very attractive. He is attracted to me but he is not looking for anything serious. So this means just sex. i wasnt really up for that. I started to catch feeling for the guy but the more intimate we got the more distant he was..strange. I didnt like it so I told him I am off need some space so 5 months later I got on with my life and we reconnect again. He tells me he is seeing someone but he still wants to see me! Thats not a virgo trait? I dunno.
I am too grown for this nonsense.It is clear emotionally he is confused.

by: taurus girl

im going out w/ this virgo men for almost a yr now where doing things that we dont supposed to do but then after we did that thing he will not gonna text me for few mons or even ask me to go out im so confused and dont know if i should tel him that i dont like out set up anymore but i always have my pride that im a girl & not supposed to ask the guy if we can move to the next level

Taurus girl
by: Aquarius girl

My friend, I suggest you speak up. Virgo need some slap on their face to get them know they are doing wrong! I'm dating a virgo man, and when he acts indifferent I make him know. He apologise all the times he acts indifferent, cold, and distant. First, I astarted asking if everything is alright, if he won't respond I continue with a lesson in a nicely soft manner, but it is either take it or I leave. Last time I saw him he logged on to a singles match were we had our profile before we met. When I saw that, I politely wish him well, I was going on my way and wish him luck on his search. I was surprised he begg me to not leave him, he said he doesn't want to loose me and now he tries every effort to make sure I am not hurt by his actions. You probably don't know how virgo man are very sensitive. They can get hurt easily, and sometimes is why they act the way they do. They get so much involve wiyh theyr solitude and don't know they hurt others. Tha is what ,y virgo guy told me, but I am the kind of woman I am not afraid to be alone and find someone else if he doesn't like me, and he knows that and that is what makes him aware he takes care of our relationship or looses me forever. BELEIVE ME if they know they will loose you they will be taking more care about you. Be strong.

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