How does a Scorpio woman ever feel peace?

by Carrie

I find most of this information very accurate. I live my life on an emotional roller coaster although many people in my life would have trouble noticing. I am the only Scorpio in my family and I find it difficult for them to understand me.

I am married to a Cancer and although it says a Cancer is a good match for me. I find it very difficult for myself to be content. I find myself always wanting more. But even though I'm not always happy in my relationship if I feel threatened by another woman I will fiercely hold my ground and she is well aware he is spoken for.

How do I control these contradicting feelings. How does a Scorpio woman ever feel peace inside herself?

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I understand completely
by: PavedParadise

I am scorpio woman. I know exactly what you mean about being insatiable. I used to be like that and very chronic worrier/planner - ALWAYS thinking miles ahead, wanting more, living for tomorrow etc.

It is quiet dangerous and was for me because, I was unable to live in the moment, love or criticize the moment I was in because, I wasn't really there. I don't know if you understand that... It seems slightly cryptic. lol!

Anyway, somehow the rug got pulled from under my feet in so many ways in a 6 months period ending earlier this year and at that point I felt a little helpless. As we do, I shed the skin and looked up to move on.

I let go completely. I shook worries out of my head, worked on my breathing. You know when you start get edgy about nothing. Yoga helped me a lot. I am going to try meditation as well. I could just clear my head and heart and I felt light and let things happen. I had faith and my life is so peaceful.

In fact I recently met a capricorn man who is taking his sweet time and rather surprisingly for me, I am letting him do just that and not fretting or worrying.

So, I would say try yoga, meditation or some kind of mind wellness thing that helps you stabilise your breathing and brings you into the moment.

It's out there....
by: Heather

I'm a Scorpio woman, married to a Cancer, and I can tell you that I have the same issues. I won't go into details but something I've found that helps me relax, let go, find myself for a while, is the gym or yoga. It's fantastic. Just some time for you, put your music on and just let yourself go, you'll feel better afterwards.

by: Anonymous

I am a Scorpio woman dating an Aries man, it's been 11 years and the relationship has been hell! Infidelity jealousy and lack of commitment, I wonder if I can move foward, but hard to understand, it's like were spiritually married. Please help.

intense workouts and time alone helps
by: Scorpio4

I have moon, and mars,jupiter,and neptune in scorpio (sidereal. I met with my astrologer last year and she gave me great advice. Though most Scorpios crave that intense emotional connection with our partners, we still need something for ourselves that no one can give us. So what I started doing was listening to music, dancing, martial arts, writing, charity work, anything that's provides and outlet, giving you a release does wonders for my overall well being.

Sometimes talking to a counselor helps, one you can trust to help you sort out your feelings and deal with stress. Another thing I started doing forgoing eating out, buying starbucks, and mani/pedi (at home unless it's special occasions) and booking twice monthly 1/2 hour massages. The MASSAGES ARE HEAVENLY and truly releases so much pent up stress in the body. Let me tell you, Hope that helps.

I pray and let go...
by: Kate

I am a scorpio woman. I know how you feel. People really cannot know how intense we can get. And how very dangerous we can be. Most of the times, our emotions leave us restless.
I find peace through prayer. When I pray, I let go.
Then I feel peaceful. Prayer allows me to move on.

scorpio woman
by: Anonymous

I am a scorpio woman, and even though i already know my compatible signs are piscis, cancer, taurus and virgo i can´t make it work, i´ve dated cancers and virgos and piscis and they all fall in love with me, but somehow i get bored, i want more and i end up the relationship.

The only time i had been crazy in love was with a gemini,had a long relationship (6years) it was heaven and hell at the same time, becuase i felt like i couldn´t get him to commit, i got very emotionally dependant on him, i love how light, social and fun he was, loved being around him, he was like the fun part of my life, he proposed and i felt like i was in heaven, it didn´t last. 3 months before the wedding he cancelled, told me he couldn´t do, he didn´t love me and he he didn´t know exactly how he felt until the very last minute.

It´s been a year since, i am not the same person i feel a little better, but i feel like i´ll never feel that way again,like i´ll never love that way again.

The irony is, i still get attracted to the same type of men, the gemini, the active, the independant, the detached. i´m trying to figure this out cause i don´t want to be in a another relationship with a gemini.

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