How Gemini's love.

by Anonymous

I'm a Gemini girl, and usually I go for Pisces or Scorpio because they're hard to understand and I love that. If you're quiet and reserved I might like your mystery, even if you're shy because it will be a challenge to pull you out. But Geminis, unless they have a more private love(Venus) sign(ex: capricorn) love public displays of affection and they'll think about things they'll never actually do, but wish YOU would ;) and they can't stand when people pull away from them. If you're jealous though, it won't automatically turn me off. At first I might be flattered but jealous reactions to things I may do, I can't stand. Remember, if you do not want to be physically intimate in public with your Gemini, be careful, because she might look for it somewhere else. Don't be paranoid though, if she wants to end things with you, she WILL. If you become overly jealous(which can be very easy for signs like scorpio or taurus) and end things with your Gemini and she doesn't seem upset, do not believe it. We are born actresses but we HATE rejection, we are likely to continue to flirt with you if we want to get back together. If we don't, we may pull away completely, but be careful with those who like to lead you on, even if we think it's harmless, because we often see it as fun, especially if you hurt our feelings. :) hope this helps.

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