How long does it take to bed a Capricorn male?

by Maria

I am a Virgo and had a relationship with Capricorn male few years ago. We really liked each other, went on numerous dates, met his friends. It took him over month and 8 dates to kiss me for the first time. At that point I was younger and a lot more aggressive in the relationship and wanted a lot more right away. We ended relationship very easily, without hysterics or hard conversations, just went different ways. 7 years later we met again and were still both single. We have a pull towards each other. We enjoy spending time together, he is flirting, but I feel it again that it would take him forever to make a move again, never mind sex. I am lot more patient now, and I can wait for a good man, but just for how long? Reading all comments about trust, got me thinking that maybe I lost his trust over our first endeavor. Is it normal that Capricorns are so shy? Or do they expect that women should show their interest first?

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