How should i approach this virgo man?

I am a true young capricorn woman who is really crushing on this virgo male. I'm just not sure how to go about it though, I actually sent him a note saying I thought he was cute and that we should talk and he seemed really excited but nothing has really happened... all we did was add each other on a social networking site so should I be the one to start it off or just wait and see if he comes around? Its only been about two weeks and I know hes single...

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Take him
by: Virgo man

He probably doesn't know how to approach you properly, Virgo men are loners most of the time so he wont know the next step until you start it up,be straight with him, start the ride if he isn't keen he will let you know, but V men tend toward strong women so if this is you just take him

Hopelessly in Love with Virgo

Hi Im a Capricorn female who has come to the conclusion that I am in love with this Virgo man. The problem is well, he lives overseas and live in the states, and as a Capricorn, I love attention and this is how I know that guys are into me. With this guy, it's nothing like that. I "feel" that he does like me at a deep and different level, but I get so frustrated because he doesn't reach out to contact me. I feel like all communication comes from me reaching out to him.

I recently visited him overseas because I had work there and he was overjoyed because we hadnt seen each other since we met a year and a half ago. And he kept asking me who I was to him, his friend his girl etc. Sigh, I dont know, but I do want him. I just want him to "want" me the same. And I dont like always being the one to reach out to him.

to virgo man
by: Anonymous

im a virgo man and came across your comment and that is so true. 101%

Tell Him
by: Crazy about a Capricorn

The Virgo man is very likely dying for you to tell him how you feel about him and it sounds like he was trying to tell you that in a Virgo way. Virgos are seldom the one to make the first move in a relationship even with a Capricorn who they will often fall head-over-heels for. It is their nature and a leopard can't change it's spots. I am a Virgo man and I can tell you he already made a move to let you know how he feels about you. That is about as bold as he is going to get until he is sure he has gotten the green light to go from you. That will only come from you being very direct with him which a Virgo greatly appreciates. We can't stand to guess about things. From what you said that he said it is clearly obvious to me he was looking for the okay to love you. You want to make it as unmistakeable as possible for him. My advice is to hold him in a passionate way and give him an even more passoniate kiss then tell you love him (if you do)straight out. I highly doubt he will try to run away. For a Virgo, running away from a Capricorn is just plain unthinkable. They don't want to. Sure there are exceptions but judging by his reaction to seeing you showing up at his door I wouldn't bet on it. On the other hand I would put my money on you both falling in love and starting a family.

virgo man
by: el

I am a cap woman married and divorced twice to my virgo husband..I have been crazy in love with this guy since has been a real roller coaster ride...they are very slick and sly and you must not believe everything they tell want to but dont...virgo means they are so innocent looking and acting and thinking about something else all the while they are with you..very smart...anyway please just be on the jump every minute or you will see him walking down the street with someone else..they can be very cold and distant too...just the way it is...dont get him mad he is a vulcan and when they get mad they are on does them good to get mad everyonce in a while though..caps are so predictable...just worry him once in a while it keeps them interested...the relationship will get stale if there is no play...just watch him and dont believe everything they say..cap lady

Sad capricorn woman
by: Anonymous

Soooo... 7 years ago I met a Virgo man who would come to my job almost every evening to order take out. I immediately had a crush on him! We became pretty cool and he would asks me to hang out with him ,but to my surprise,he would also invite other women friends and introduce them as his "homegirl" . He did this several times,which led me to think that he just wants to be friends!!! I would always catch him staring at me and looking away into thin air when I caught him... He would even pretend look out of the window but would be staring at my reflection watching my every move!! (Weird) One day he asked me to hook him up with a cute girl that can cook. I tried to set him up with 3 girls and he found silly reasons to turn them down! He'd say stuff like,"naaaah, her eyebrows look crooked" WTF!?? So I said forget it. Well, 4or 5 months later, he tells me he has a girlfriend and for some strange reason he didn't want me to meet her. I just so happened to see them out at a popular club together and he acted as if he barely knew me! (Weird) I was also shocked to see that she resembled ME a lot !!! So.... months later, everytime we would talk at the diner, I would say something about myself and he'll say... Oh girl does that too ,as if he were comparing her to me!!! (Super weird) well... Now he's marryinng this girl and he won't invite me to his wedding, but he invited 2 friends that I INTRODUCED HIM TO!!! I'm so sad, what did I do? We were friends for 7 years and although I love him, I just want to know if there was ever a chance :( he also told me he loved me a few times but we kept it friendly and now it's took late ....sad capricorn.

wanting that relationship w/ my neighbor virgo!!
by: Anonymous

I am a taurus and I've been friends with this guy for 9 yrs but we haven't seen each other for 7 yrs and recently I just finished school. we also live in the same neighborhood and everyday during the afternoon I go for walks we would walk by passing each other saying "hi" and after it seems like he wants to speak what's on his mind but leaves me hanging.I get the feeling that we both feel the same way but i don't know how to approach this guy. our age difference is seven years apart. what should i do? how do i approach this virgo man?

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