How shy are Aquarius men?

by Stacey

Basically I met this Aquarius guy online (I know he's real not fake, trust me, i can spot a fake person on the internet a million miles away), he's definitely a quieter, more shy/cute type of guy... but surprisingly very sexy & for the most part fits the Aquarius description... but anyways we've been talking for three months now (we're technically "dating" now), but we never talked on the phone, so i talked him into calling me on a certain day... & so this day comes & he wusses out... his reasoning was that his English sounds horrible over the phone (he's originally from Brazil, been in the U.S for like 3yrs)... & ya basically he refused to talk if i called/etc... i mean i know he's really shy (i can be pretty shy at times too)... but is he REALLY just THAT shy that he can't simply call me even if it's for 5 minutes??? I mean we're pretty serious about each other & already plan to meet each other within the next year or so, but if he can't even freaking call me then what's the deal? Is this common for an Aquarius man? or is he just playing a bunch of bullsh*t with me?

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by: Virgo with an Aquarian

I have been involved with an A man for a year and a half now and we are both from different countries ( me in USA and he from Germany)..I was told the same thing..that he was shy and didnt want to speak to me over the took me months to get to see what he looked like and also months to get his cell phone and when we finally did exchange numbers I let it be his idea on when we talked. It took me a year and a half to get his full name. Many many times we had fights over these issues because I felt not like a real person since we were over the net and also that was part of his reason for not wanting to share personal information is because of net. Net we were online every day and as more time goes by..I am so happy we stayed together.
So many times I thought it was bullshit as well but he always came up with a good reason and would have proof when I doubted him.
I have heard time and time again that this sign needs someone with lots of patience..something I never had but felt he was worth it to get some.

Good Luck!

He's not shy, just slow/deliberate
by: Summer

They like to think so. "My" Aqua loves to text and talk my ear off when we're together.

the types
by: aquarius man...

aquarius is ruled by uranus and saturn. some are more uranian meaning detatched and thinking with there head. these type are usually not shy and can be an eccentric ball of action and outgoing. but saturnine types are usually the shy type and can be materielistick. like if you dont fit what there looking for they will kinda lead you to a point where you should give up. a uranian type will be very upfront and blunt. not usual for sugar coating. sounds like the contained "thinking in the box" type. i am a very unusual radical type and have seen many of the other type. to me they are not enough stimulation and if you are a sign like an air sign that craves intellect and communication and a party life. these will not be so easy to adapt to. saturn can be shy but passive aggressive and hold a grudge. not very accepting and hard headed. the uranian types almost never fail for entertainment and an enigmatic/ mystery
ious glow makes the rest of the place glow with a lovely blurr quality. if you dont like whats said here than oh well. theres my input. so appreciate this and all my fucked up spelling.

Aquarius men, shy? laughable
by: Coyote

Ok, not so laughable, I just had to think up a mildly humorous title, we can be shy to start out, and we may try to put on a facade of shyness later, but, in all reality, once you get us comfortable, yeah. .. . .. we will txt your thumb's off and talk your ear's off.

by: Anonymous

I'm a scorpio with an Aquarius and I can assure you that this is just the first stage of the Aquarius. You just have to break him from his shell. When I first started with my aquarius ( I love playing games with him) I teased him about how he couldn't kiss and everything because it's who I am ,( he actually can kiss) but I would kiss him and then he'd get all shy, and say things like I can't kiss you even told me and then I'd look him in the eyes and kiss him with all my emotion and he'd get over it within less than a second. Now he never questions kissing. It's mainly because I know how to make him feel certain ways just by looking at him but it's also because he feels confident now.

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