How to approach a Cancer man?

I'm in love with a 22 year old Cancer. He seems so beautiful to me outside and inside,and I think I could love him, which I thought will never strike me. This is one of those moments in life when,if you don't do something,you'll regret forever. I see him almost everyday in a student restaurant. How can I meet him? I get terrified when I think about approaching him,'cos he seems so reserved and shy so I'm afraid I'll be rejected and he will later think how did I dare disturbing him. I'm 21 year old Leo.

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Bagging your Cancer
by: Anonymous

I suggest next time you come in contact with him is to just go for it! Nine times out of ten he won't approach you if he likes you, Cancers are shy and afraid of rejection so if you want to get to know him I suggest something simple if your insecure with striking up a convo,, saying hello, or smiling at him if you two lock eyes. Also read up online on "how to seduce your cancer man", excellent advice. Good Luck! Dont wait too long you dont want to see your crush with another chick, somebody else could be watching him just like U!

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