How to ask a Taurus out without really asking?

I am a Capricorn and i am 20. He is a Taurus and is about to turn 22. We work together and i guess we "flirt" and many people have said we should try going out on a date. How should i ask him without really asking him?

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Just ask...
by: Anonymous Taurean

Now I'm not sure if I'm speaking for all Taureans or just myself here, but I'd advise against being too subtle, it drives me insane. If someone else is trying to get something across to me without really saying it, I'll usually just resort to asking them outright for clarification. We Taureans have a hard enough time weighing up all the factors when deciding if a relationship is worth committing too, without having to try and determine what type of relationship it will be. If you don't know them, the worst that can happen is that they'll say no. If you do know them, and they're not interested, they won't hold it against you, unless you try to pressure them into a date anyway, in which case they'll likely drop all contact with you.

I'd advise having a word with them as privately as possible, and being honest about how you feel. They'll respect that far more than any alternative, and it will help build up trust between you both. If you really do want to try something non-verbal, then I'd recommend a gift of some home-made snacks, preferably a favourite of theirs, as a conversation starter and ice-breaker. You'd be surprised how well they'll receive it, even if it's not too well-made, and at the very least you'll catch their attention. Just be sure to capitalise on it and tell them how you feel as soon after as possible, or all you'll do is confuse them.

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