How to attract a Cancer guy?

by Virgo

I am a virgo girl, hopelessly attracted to a Cancer man. I was instantly drawn in by his energy. There is no possible way to describe it, only to say that it swirled around my soul. Yeah corny. Anyhow, we were working together on a project, the first day we worked together was strange, I could feel the energy passing, I was sure he could too. Anyway we got along very well, I find him hilarious. I was a blushing mess. I'd also never been so real with anyone before. My usual facade vanished.

The next two days went slightly downhill. I bothered him about his hair, which he places directly in his face. Exactly what I WANT to see. He got touchy and I backed down. Of course feeling shy and embarrassed that I annoyed him. The project finished. And we went our semi-separate ways, were still working in the same room. He sits close by me, within ear shot. And I know he listens to my conversations.
So that's a basic.

I want to be his friend. But I have no idea how to get him to open up to me. I told him about my past. Told him he could trust me. I let him know that he makes me laugh and I enjoy talking to him. But he doesn't trust me and I keep pestering him. At first all I wanted was to be in a relationship with him. But after I thought it through, I still think one would be possible, but I want to try just being his friend.

Can anyone preferably cancer men, give me some advice on how to approach him, how to talk to him. I want him to trust me, because he can. What will help him feel more comfortable talking to me? Kind of like an ice breaker. I have no idea what to say! I know I have to be myself but any pointers would be much appreciated!

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by: Anonymous

Eyes can say a lot more than words. Look at his eyes (with a little smile) and let him see you are communicating your feelings with your eyes. Let him see the spark of affection in your eyes. Cancers can see that spark very well, at least my experience. Most women are masters of eye communications.

Sweetish smell is another thing that draws my attention even before eye contact. Wear something to let him know it’s you, I mean wear it regularly, that way he will become aware of you even before he sees you. I hope that makes sense. Good luck and I hope it works for you.

Fickle Creatures
by: Anonymous

I would say, let him come to you. Cancer men usually like attention but they are fickle. Give him attention so he knows you are interested and then back off. Let him make the next move otherwise he will feel crowded. It is always a game of guessing their moods with cancer men and I would say you have to try and read them. They are constantly changing their minds but just being within view will keep you on his mind.
Good luck!

go with the flow
by: Anonymous

I am a cancer man and I would say just let him come to you and be patient. We do not like to be pressured to do anything just go with the flow...

How to get a cancer guy
by: Anonymous

oh wow.. i am a virgo girl and i really like this cancer guy.. we have never talked to each other but i see how he is usually and really feel that he is the type of guy i want.. but i am not sure how to get him to like me.. any advice that will help him notice me and start liking me...?? =(

Unlocking the code of Cancer Man
by: Anonymous

Your story is so cute and sweet.. Miss Virgo. I'm Cancerian .. and could relate to this man 100%. I couldn't top laughing .. as I been in same exact situations...where girls would find it hard to break the ice.
Anyhow, just off the record .. I feel his feelings must have got bruised by some of your jokes.. tht's why he got into his shell a little. He likes you ... but not sure when to come out of the nest .. and also he is trying to gauge you so he can map out a plan to win you..but also safeguard his gentle feelings. We folks are intuitive .. so you don't need to say ... we listen to the unsaid. Your curiosity must have made the poor guy anxious.. you forgot..we are water signs.. we absorb yourself and reflect it back. Just be relaxed..and be yourself.. don't be distant or overly accomodating. Just be nice to him. Give him like a compliment(genuine) once in a while..but no !!
Hope it helps !!!! .... Good luck

how to approach the cancer guy
by: Anonymous

im a cancer man and i can say we are very cautious. Love to us is very precious and like 2 souls becoming 1. Its so big a deal it makes us insecure and defensive. I always hold back untill I know the big 3, i can trust, im what shes likes, shes what i like. And to let you know i cant resist charm, caring, sensual, deep, respectful types. Give him time to get to know you and try to keep conversation flowing, talk about you but dont ask 2 many questions. Give it a month so he has the big 3 and thn ask him out

To: Unlocking the Code of the Cancer Man
by: ABCD

You seem to understand your natures very well. You made this comment:

"We folks are intuitive .. so you don't need to say ... we listen to the unsaid. Your curiosity must have made the poor guy anxious.. you forgot..we are water signs.. we absorb yourself and reflect it back. "

I met this Cancer man three years ago. Things moved pretty quickly, well on his part, not mine. I prefer to do things slowly. He was quite impatient, assertive, and came on way too strong. He acted as if we were going to be married the next day. I ended things and started seeing someone else.

Fast forward to three years later. I contacted him. He wanted to know why I ended things, so I told him he came on way too strong and was too impatient. My gut feeling told me that he was still interested. He was in town. I could tell that he wanted to see me, but I was going to be busy for that weekend. So i didn't suggest meeting up with him. He came out of a relationship. I gave him some encouragement & told him there were plenty of nice girls in his city, and not to give up hope. I live in CT. He lives in NC.

The craziest thing? I haven't heard from him since. Did this Cancer man absorb what I was thinking...and reflected it back?

I wouldn't mind being in a relationship with him.

But I think I may have send out the wrong signals.


Another Virgo woman
by: Anonymous

I totally understand how you feel. I met a cancer man in Miami on vacation the last two hour before my flight. I never made that flight. There energy is very strong. An if its directed toward you, its very hard to resist. For one you can not be creative them. They are very sensitive. You have to choose your word carefully. Take a step back and start again from that first day. When you guys connected. Go with the flow and vibe off of one another. I know that sounds corny too. Just try following his lead with the positive energy. I speak from my new experience.

by: Anonymous

I am a cancerian/ leo cusp and my ex was a virgo. Best darn match ever. All I can say is just let nature takes its course. These two signs are just somehow meant to be made for each other. If it happens, it will happen naturally. Everything is fated.

by: Anonymous

I am a leo women and overly in love with this cancer man.
he simply is everything i need, in the beggining well you know us leos i came on far to strong and scared him off. I am there for him i listen to him and help with his problems but im a leo i need to talk about me! its very annoying takeing it slow and having to dance around his feelings.
leos hate effort were very impatient. Ive been very patient but its getting to a point where he is simply being dumb. i am obviously into him and he somewhat likes me. I want to make another romantic advance sense we have been talking for a while but what do i do? Should i try and ask him on a date or will that be to forward agiain? i dont want to RUIN MY CHANCES AGAIN!!

you better truly love him
by: Anonymous

My advice is make sure your not fickle I tried being with a Virgo Woman funny thing I didn't listen to her when she said she had someone go all out for her because she was unappreciative to him and she did the same thing to me. With Virgo Women like some other signs you gotta wonder will she leave because all she cares about is herself. So just make sure you truly care.

cancer man
by: Anonymous

am a libra woman,i've been with a cancer man for about a month now, he said he likes me alot and he is so happy with me .. but he is a cautious man and he wanna take his time .. i call him sometimes and i text him everyday he do the same .. but i dont know how to make him feel safe and secure .. so what should i do .. and we have a distance relationship but we can see each other twice a month ..

The Ever Changing Gemini's Loving Headache

I am a gemini women interested in this cancer man ive been talking to him for a couple of weeks... The first thing he said to me when we first met was your eyelashes are long, i laughed cause it was so awkward but cute. He is very sweet and seems like the guy ive been waiting for but at times he gets a little detached. His mood changes like florida weather and sometimes i get to impatient with him. Idk know if he likes me but he talks to me and text me like he does but i heard our zodiacs dont match soo.. I guess ill just have to be patient and see how long this works out.

by: Anonymous

I am a gemini girl also very interested in a cancer guy. I have known him for a few months now, we started off texting and we have recently been out on a couple dates. I feel like when we are together he is a totally different person. Very talkative, affectionate, loving and caring. But when we are not, he seems distant. Is that normal?

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