How to become a mature Cancer man

by à

1- You need to solve most of your issues. (having the sensitivity to know exactly what women want is great but you need to be in control of your self before you can even dream of making someone else feel comfortable with your masculine sensitivity.)

* being sensitive is being able to detect quickly cues about things that make others uncomfortable.

2- Get comfortable with your emotions. (Emotional Stability is a turn on!!)

3- Get your life straight and become a high achiever. (even if that means staying with your mom longer in order to get Your PH.D)

4- There is no Such thing as failure only learning opportunities. (That's why Cancers have Shells.)

5- Be Assertive. (Arrogance (win/lose) is for those who don't have an education and please don't become a Wussy (lose/win))

6- BE patient!!!!!!!! (The Way you do anything is the way you do everything.)

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