How to catch a Gemini woman

I am a Gemini woman who has always been captivated by Scorpio men. I admit that I have been a flirt and fickle. When I was in college I was unable to develop a long term relationship with any one of them because I was afraid to be trapped by love and they wanted to consume and control me. I felt smothered (in a bad way).

Now that I'm a few years older and a few relationships wiser, I can appreciate those stable Scorpio traits and embrace the security of a possessive and loyal love. Right now I am blessed to build a new relationship with an incredible Scorpio man. This time I'm ready to give and receive the kind of love that he needs. The key to capturing the Gemini woman's heart is to wait until she is ready to be captured (but leave the cage open and she will NEVER leave). I have always admired Scorpio men and their strength and devotion. Now that I'm more settled, I am looking forward to being a devoted wife and enjoying my Scorpio man for the rest of my life!!!

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i agree
by: Anonymous

I am a Gemini woman in a relationship with a Scorpio man and while we have our arguments and differences, I can easily say that he is my only love. I've never been able to let anyone inside me, past the cheery, flirty exterior. But he broke down all my walls so easily. He's the only guy I've really allowed to see my emotional side. It's still a bit uncomfortable for me to express it, but it's a relief to have someone that accepts me, with my flighty Gemini craziness and all. He's not perfect either, but I guess we are both able to accept each others shortcomings and we are both willing to compromise.

I agree that sometimes it feels like I'm being consumed by him and to be honest, even though I still think about other guys (just in passing thoughts) I cannot imagine myself ever leaving him. For the first time I can honestly say I've been captured, lol. I don't mind though, because he doesn't keep me on a leash.

The one thing that is most hard for me is that I want to really support him and let him lean on me when he gets tired, but he always tries to be so strong and so brave and when he's hurting he just keeps it to himself and "deals with it". But I'd really like to know that he trusts me enough to show that side of him to me. I want to take care of him and protect him just as much as he does to me!

by: Anonymous

I am a Gemini girl currently in a relationship with a Scorpio guy. I admit that I am extremely sociable and flirtatious and have had many lovers but he is the only one who understands my hidden emotional side.

Although we had a deeply meaningful and loving relationship, I felt smothered by his intense passion. I saw another guy who I thought was Mr. Wonderful behind his back and broke his heart. After 3 months, Mr. Wonderful (Cancer guy) turned out to be a moody control freak who drove me crazy! I am lucky that my Scorpio guy was ever forgiving and took me back. This speaks volumes about their traits of loyalty and commitment.

To other Gemini girls out there, if you're lucky enough to receive the love of a Scorpio cherish it! They may not be the most fun-loving socialites, but in terms of loyalty, support and commitment, none can hold a torch to them.

What sign really works?
by: Anonymous

I am attracted to Scropio men..I have sexually relationships with them only. I feel like I just need more, they are little to home body for me. Though I will say they have proven to be some of the best lovers, they are not as open as I need them to be and think that is because they already feel they are the most sexual sign and they know best in bed. I know Gemini woman moods changes and we go from one extreme to next, but what sign can give me the strength and take charger attitude I need with, the caring and understanding as well. With the need for sexual exploration all in one....oh I guess we really are the never satified sign. LOL

by: YaquLynn

I'm a proud Gemini female n I'm " talkin" to a proud Scorpio n I love him so much n we fight everyday n at times I wonder does he really care or what did he really mean wen he said that n my always bein unsure abt everything with him keeps me attached n I hope it's always like this becuz I secretly like the chase

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