How to catch an Aries man?

How do I catch an 19 year old aries? (I'm 18 and always 'a step behind' him in age and popularity/ status if you know what I mean. He's really social and I'm not. We do share many interests though..)

'The seduction' LOL , has to be done on the internet since we live in different cities. How do I easiest get his attention, and respect, and maybe even attraction?

We where beginning to be friends in the past (there was no sexual attraction just friendly and shy acquaintance since we where former classmates) but then we lost contact and I am practically nobody to him. The problem is I have a hard time forgetting him, and my heart refuses to let somebody else into my life as long as I'm hooked on him..

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Aries guy dating a libra
by: Anonymous

Us aries guys tend to be pretty outgoing, and on the internet 'everyone' tends to be pretty bold and forward, so your competition is pretty high. You're going to need to be a little outrageous to stand out. So here's what you do...

First, get his attention. Don't be subtle at this stage. Send him something outrageous. A sexy picture, a dirty suggestion.. something really blatant. Libra women seem to always be attractive so a picture in lingerie or something may be your best bet. Make it clear that you want *him* and this isn't some anonymous or random deal. Don't be tempted to write a poem or some epic fictional story or something - get straight to the point! We respect that.

Then, back off! The next day, apologize and tell him you were drunk or whatever, and you're now really embarrassed for telling him how you really feel. Note you aren't denying how you feel though! Us Aries like straightforward people. Too many mind games are a turn off.

The reason Aries men like Libra women is for the whole good girl/bad girl thing. They're classy and attractive - so you enjoy showing them off, but at the same time they can be very raunchy. Show him both sides repeatedly, and he won't be able to resist. Make sure you don't over-do one side or the other though! The whole selling point is that you're someone he can take home to meet his mom, show off to his friends, and still be an animal in bed. There's plenty of women who meet any one of those criteria. But finding one who can do all 3 is near impossible (trust me lol) the thing with Libra women is they *can* pull off all three in style! So prove it to him...

by: Anonymous

hello, 18 y old girl here again.. to the aries guy who wrote above: I appreciate your advice a lot, although I must confess you left me really puzzled and confused :S I realize how little I understand Aries men.. and I even asked myself if I would be able to handle them. It's not that I have an aversion to being sexy, it's just that my tender and cautious Libra mind always wants to
please; I don't wanna challenge or provoke. I have a difficulty with throwing myself at other people without their expressed 'permission'.. the worst thing I could imagine is to seem desperate, and be pushy.. if he doesn't feel the same,
this would just turn him off, and make him think even less of me. do you get my dilemma? Have I got it right if I draw the conclusion that aries men want either sexual aggressiveness and straight to the point or they will only view you
as a friend..(?) Can't their be friendship at the start and then it slowly turns into something else..? Haha. I guess all aries are different, 'my' Ram has his venus in Pisces, moon in Libra. Maybe he is a little more complex than you say.. I am afraid he is a bit sensitive. With
that in mind, I feel that attacking him with bluntness wouldn't be the best thing to do..

If I just wanted to be friends with him instead of seducing should I approach him? I feel that friendship or love doesn't really matter I just wanna get to know him better! Most importantly, getting his respect and avoiding to
freak him out..don't wanna push him away from me with sexual invites, or on the other hand with my seriousness. I'm a rather serious personality with many of my planets in Scorpio why I tend to dig a little too deep sometimes..I never do anything that isn't 'me'. My integrity is super strong. That's why I wouldn't gamble with love..

Oh, I don't know! The people who read this will think of me me as a typical libra, indecisive, debating with myself and still insecure in the end. Oh god.

by: Anonymous

it's okay if you aren't comfortable with that. I think the point is you're way over-analyzing it. You're treating the relationship like a chess
game, when (speaking as one aries guy anyhow) we're far more in the 'here and now' - one way or another you need to get his attention. We do respect bold people :)

by: Anonymous

You totally nailed it - I sure treat love like a chess game. xD SO true. A never ending chess game. And I know that you aries live here and now.. it's a very good point and I'll try to adjust to that ;)

But isn't it a bit contradictory to say that you aries men like bold - because you wanna be bold yourselves! Isn't it a turnoff for you if the girl keeps taking the first step all the time?

I have already tried to contact him once at facebook, many years after we spoke IRL but that is more than a year ago. I wrote a few casual and nice words and asked him how he is. He didn't even respond so that makes me think I've got no
chance with him, whatsoever.. Btw does a few polite words count as mind games or boldness? ;P confused and over analysing it again..jeez. I know I should just give up but I can't let go of the past, since I felt a connection with
him. Bad bad. My New years resolution should be to live here and now :p

*..rolling eyes*)

I'm a libra girl.
by: Anonymous

Honestly even since i got into this zodiac thing i was kinda dissappointed with who i am, so now i make decsions on impulse and I have been very insecure in the past, but now i'm really confident, outgoing. I find that i like to show people how smart i am and imwill admit i like being the center of attention, and i know an aries guy which i think likes me but i'm not so close to him, i'm closer to his brother. I think he can be very jealous because i hang around his brother alot and we have alot of insiders and he constatly says I like his brother, when i only see him as agood friend and i can tell he tries flirting with me ALOT, i like the kind of libra i am, I crave adventure, i hate being shy, i try and make decisions quickly while thinking about a few seconds, and i love being competatives, it keeps life fun. :) peace.

does he like me
by: Anonymous

theres this guy in my class and he is always blushing when i talk to him and he always wants to be around me and he is always touching me.He knows i like him but the thing is he sometimes flirts with other girls when he thinks im not around so my friends said that i should do the same thing so i did and he started to get really angry so he is always by me in class every day now and always touching my back, legs, arms, and hair. we always play outside together but other people are there i use to think he liked me but i over heard him talking to some of his friends.( he didn't know i heard) one asked him how many girls like him this year and his answer was none! so started to ignore him so he started to be around me even day when i sat by him he garbed my hand while the teacher was talking when she went away a bunch of our friends saw us so he put our hands under the table 5 minuets he let go of my hand but he put both of his hands in my lap its been like this every day now and once we almost kissed does he like me?

by: Anonymous

Be beautiful and sexy (or at least send him a picture of yourself looking beautiful and sexy, lol). If you have a tinge of innocence and child-likeness at the same time, it'll be an added bonus! It makes his protective instincts kick into gear. Also, throw random comments at him, but keep the conversation going. Laugh a lot! He wants to know that he's funny, but don't overdo it. Give him vague but flirty replies if he asks you intimate questions/questions you don't really want to reply. It'll drive him crazy to want to know more. This was how I snagged my Aries. Maintaining their interest though, is a whole different matter!

by: Aries man 2

so the first guy totally nailed it lol. we do like bold in women we Dont mind at all if they do they initiating in anything it turns me on for one thing i can tell you. i like leading but i also want me girl to try to lead and not like in a bossy way but in an emotional and sometimes sexual way. i love to be a man but the girl that can compete with me the most is my woman because you cant be a strong leader without a strong sidekick :) just think of it like that. so definitly sending some sexy photos or something and just straight up tell him how you feel he will LOVE that gaurenteed. if he doesnt then he doesnt like you and you needa move on simple as that.

how to keep aries man interested
by: Anonymous

im so into this aries guy!! by the way im a aries girl!! i kinda pissed him off unintentionally, and now he has kinda backed off.. we use to talk texts each day, now its just me text apologizing.. he says he isnt mad, and aries dont stay mad, but his actions are showing me his feelings are kinda hurt..i know hes showing me how tough and strong he is, and its driving me insane to say the least!! so the best thing to do is for me to back off,,no calling,, no texting,, nothing! let him cool off and have time to think and miss me..this is a real challenge for me, but us aries male/female like the im gonna let him be in control!! by the way i just love all that macho stuff!! takes a strong man, to handle a hot sexy aries chick like me!

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