How to deal with an Aquarius Woman!

by Nae Nae

To all you guys out there who are sweet on/have a crush on/are in love with an Aquarius woman, I'm going to give you a list of 10 do's and do not's to keep her happy and interested in you! This advice is coming straight from me, an Aquarius girl.

1. Be patient with her. She doesn't jump into relationships quickly. She prefers to be friends first. She has to feel you out and get to know you before it goes any further. Friendship means everything to her!

2. She loves her freedom so if you're interested in an Aquarius girl, you need to understand that she needs to be able to come and go when she pleases. If you don't have a problem with that, she will love you even more!

3. One way to piss an Aquarius woman off is to try to smother her with excessive amounts of affection and togetherness. If you tend to be needy or clingy she will drop you like a bad habit and run for the hills.

4. Aquarius girls like to be intellectually stimulated. Please demonstrate an ability to carry on an intelligent conversation. If you can do that, you've already got your foot in the door! She loves to see a man who can keep up with her mentally. If you can't, then you'd be better off with someone else because she'd have very little use for you.

5. If you do find yourself conversing with an Aquarius Woman never, ever, ever, ever, ever try to force your opinion on her by trying to convince her that she's wrong and you're right. You are playing with fire!! She will respect your opinion but she will not tolerate someone trying to force her to think, feel or behave in a way that is not natural for her.

6. She can be very emotionally detached so don't push her to open herself up to you. That takes a lot of time for her to do. If you keep pushing she will close up even more.

7. Don't take it personally if she goes for a few days or so without talking to you. She generally has s many things going on in her life and in her head that she just forgets about you.

8. Show that you have a life outside of her. Clingy men are major turnoffs. Sometimes in order to get her attention you have to ignore her a bit. Always give her the space she needs.

9. She can be hot one minute and cold the next. A social butterfly one day and a loner the next. Get used to the mood swings. She's very unpredictable.

10. When she tells you its over, its over. She is not bluffing. The only thing harder than getting an Aquarius girl in the first place is getting her back after she's finished with you. The most you can hope for is that she'll continue to be your friend.

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How true
by: Anonymous

Exacty how me and my Aquarius partner are, not sure what to do for the best

How true
by: Anonymous

Exacty how me and my Aquarius partner are, not sure what to do for the best

by: Meme

I am an Aquarius and I totally agree with to the point im smh, now i know it's not just me lol but its me lol! #wearesounpredictable

Aquarian girl
by: Rooted

That is so on point my fellow Aquarian.

Friendship is very important to us (female Aquarians).We are also rebellious if we dont get what we want.We do not like to be controlled and definately want a man who can stimulate us mentally.

Lastly,when its over,its!

how to get her back
by: chad

M in love wit dis aquarian girl n i screwed up totally...and the reason is one of those things mentioned in all the previous comments...we were just good friends and everythin was going on so well until i did somethin stupid..plz suggest how to get her back..

by: Jacinda

Aquarian woman here - I agree with above. Please suffocate us - trust our need to be free, be a strong man, I know that it is very hard to find an emotional strong man. Being an aquarian is about being unique, being free spirited just being

by: jodie monarch

i agree with this early stages of my relationship i was detached i wanted to see him when i wanted to not when he adked me to.but now ill make time for him even.though i.never used to now im in love and happy :)

by: Anonymous

Disagree with when its over its over. Depending on the circumstances. Sometimes it can be timing but if u can rekindle a friendship with an aquarius then there's that possibility to rekindle something else

Men don't fall in love with an aqua.
by: Anonymous

Yes! All the above is dead on. I've been dating aqua women for quite sometime. Whether they admit it or not, they are very attracted to scorpio males. I know this first hand to be very accurate. First of all it's very easy to grab their attention. Conversation is the key and believe me that's a very simple thing to do. I've heard the same thing one more than one occasion from aquas. Quote: " at least I know I'm gonna have great sex" I don't have the heart to tell them they don't know what great sex is. Earth shattering sex only comes from a long period of time learning exactly what a girl wants in bed and they just aren't in it for the long haul . The other thing I get a kick out of is the ol "I love you" inthatuasion maybe, but love don't make laugh aqua girls. Love takes a long time to achieve, as it takes a long time to really know someone and as I stated before they aren't in it for the long haul. To funny. Of course there is always exceptions to the rule, but not many. Yes! I know all about the scorpio male and a lot of that is accurate as well. The other thing I find amusing is, if you say the wrong thing or make a mistake they are done, but believe me guys, that's make a poor excuse because believe me she's going anyway. They are very smart, very creative, not the best lovers if you compare them to the Gemini woman. The most important thing to an aqua girl is her freedom and independence. However, I've learned a lot from them about not being to emotional and I've taught a few how to be more feeling in certain situations where it's crucial. Here's my approach to aqua woman. I meet them have a short term relationship and when she's done, it's over. No hard feelings.

Clap Clap!
by: Alisha

This is soo true! Could relate to every pointer.

by: Amethyst1972

Everything that is written in this article is so much true to my experience...It really reflects my personality and peculiarities that I have. Thumbs up to the author of this article.

get her off
by: Anonymous

One thing I have learned is that an aquarious woman is a passionate one. However, she will not bust out her entire playbook for you unless you can handle it. For instance, she will suck you right into a fucking trance and she will even let you cum but you better be willing to do what you do to make her cum too. God help you if you do not make her cum.
On the flip side, aquarious women are very appreciative of orgasm and they will never forget where they get them. If this excerpt is too riskay for you I feel sorry for you. If not, good luck fellas. May the force be with you.

I hate how right this is
by: Anonymous

I am a Cancer, and my girl is a Aquarius and it is the most frustrating thing trying to deal with one another!! Emotionally, we're on completely different pages. Its been a few years now since we have been together, and i am starting to truly see how emotionally attached i am, and how she says she is, but she has a very hard time trying to show it. Sadly, I don't think its going to last much longer

lies, boring,think im prodictable, controlling
by: Anonymous

I'm Aquarius woman the above things I don't do. Lies - I say it as it is,some ppl may think I am rude or too blunt,get to the point simple.the truth always set's u 3.U find only fake ppl tend to have a problem with us cos they can't handle the real ppl like us.once u ly u will never have me da way I was cos .ca trust gone.interest is dead (it over) u can try win me ova with the things I like,still not gonna happen. so when I tell u b honest just b real,I respect u more for dat. Boring-U hear me just say ummm all da time not interested, only as a r friend.Boring will make me stray especially when I have told u u boring. but try not to put to much effort turn off just b u.U think I'm predictable not a clue. Sex- don't want it da same as yesterday, spice it up and no don't ask me use your imagination and b sexy with it naturally.

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