How to dump a Taurus?

by ann

He is a very loving person but i don't really love him. At first i thought that it was true love but in the end i realize that i only like him as a person who loves art just as much as i do. How can i end our relationship without hurting his feelings?

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Thats tuff
by: Anonymous

Good Luck that can be hard thing to do for any sign. I think the sonner the better. I am a Cancer and I can't think of any easy way just do it like if u were a manager and he was an employee. Name of couple of his strong points followed by the fact that it makes your friendship nice. Mabey something like he's such a good friend you don't want to carry that into the romantic side and ruin the good bond you have as friends.

Good luck good for u telling him instead of cheating or leading him on

With a Bull, Tread lightly
by: Anonymous

I'm a Taurus.

The best way to break up with us? Honesty and practicality. Don't lie, cheat or break up with us unexpectedly. We will resent you for it. You don't want a raging Bull as your enemy. Vengeance is just the beginning, despite how calm, and easygoing we may seem.

Tell him this:
"I am very fond of you, however I don't feel the same way about you. I didn't intend to hurt you. But I have to be honest with myself. I hope you can forgive me, and in the future, maybe we can still be friends."

He will bow out gracefully. Hurt inside. But he won't lose his equilibrium. We're emotionally strong people. This too shall pass. We prefer HONESTY above everything.

Eventually he will get over it. We're practical people. He will always respect you for being honest with him.

only way to do it is to do it
by: Anonymous

Yeah you'll only hurt him if your trying to but, definitly let him know your still fond of him that should smooth it over even though he'll probably be paining. After that though give him his space emmidiately because he may get the wrong idea and be stubborn for you. When you do reunite though yas friends do it over art.

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