How to fix this Cancer relationship?

by kc

i am cancer & he is cancer .. we are young early 20s have been best friends since junior high & dating for 1 1/2 yrs... im totally mad for him & i do feel he loves me just the same.. he cheated on me 1ce a while back bc he suspected i had... tho i hadn't. we stayed together wanting to move forward. he hasn't done it since... but i became super jealous suspicious couple months of really rough patches... i would still catch him in little lies (stupid ) ones that his reasoning was he didn't want to cause an issue... now we are not dating officially ... but we act like we are dating just the same.. still stays the night.. calls txts says he loves me kisses... hold hand.. we are still exclusive.. i had been saying no to sex but recently gave in once.... he still checks up on me to see what im doing.. gets jealous if im talking to another guy .. even as friends.. & i do the same with the girls he talks to.. how do i make it official... it feels like we are not "dating" because then we cant get irritated as easily with each other if one of you does something the other doesn't like .. lol i don't want to loose him & i don't want him to loose interest in me... how can i salvage this?

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