How to get a gemini women to be mine?

by sag man

I'm a Sagittarius man I am attracted to this Gemini women who is in a relationship with this Virgo man. he doesn't teat her the way she should be treated. Sadly,I've only known her 4 about a month on and off. Her Virgo man has no kind of emotion what so ever. He breaks her heart then comes right back and sweeps her away. How could I make her realize this combination isn't a good one with out being so blunt as I am and saying "your relationship between you and this man isn't a good one" ..please let me know.

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Be mysterious, and flirt w/her
by: Irene O

I am a Gem female and if you truly are into her, seduce her. Be mysterious, show your interest but don't be intense, flirt with her and then withdraw, and try to draw her out a little.

Gems love a challenge and their curious nature love mysteries. Be the challenge to her....don't try telling her that her current relationship isn't working even though that's what you are thinking. We don't like to be told what to do, reminds us too much of a parental figure. Be light, and funny, giver her little gems (pieces of you) but not too much. Undress her with your eyes and then give her nothing.

Let me know if this works. See what I mean, our curious nature.

Sag male and gemini female
by: Annette

Completely agree. I am a Gemini female. I am seeing this Capricorn marine guy but hes already boring me because he wants to share everything and wants me to tell him how I feel, I don't even know how i bloody feel most of the time how the bloody hell am I suppose to tell you. I just want to flirt and figure you out first. My favorite person I ever dated was a Sag, they just click and are so much fun together but don't come on too strong, just draw her in and then just play a little hard to get. Just as Irene O said be mysterious and flirt and don't tell her what to do I hate that, I am smarter than most people so telling me what to do annoys the crap out of me.

gem girl
by: Anonymous

iam a gem girl,and to impress her u need to b friendly wid her first but don't ever tell her what she shud choose as she will not like it...she is a child by nature,be kind wid her support her emotionally and flirt with her she will like it and always be there for her...when she needs u..and she will b yours..

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