How to get a Libra Girl

Umm so I'm a libra and pretty much what I like is when guys are romantic and say cute things BUT while flirting with me I like it when they're a little hard to get. Like they joke around in a teasing way, not too harsh, but I still know I can get them. I also like it when they make the decisions cause I'm so bad at making up my mind.

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Libra girl here...
by: Anonymous

We're pretty hard to get... It takes a LOT for a guy to truly interest me. The keywords here are spontaneity and BALANCE. Ever heard that's what we're after? Spot on. When approaching us, don't be head over heels for us. It's annoying as hell and we get it a lot. Being nice, just making us laugh a little won't really get you noticed. Again, it happens a lot, you'll just be a part of the crowd of interested men to us. Be well-kept and smell good. Be casual at first, "hey, i like your shirt; i love this song; etc". Find something you notice we have interest in and build from there. Show you're interested in what we have to say, we loooove talking if we like you. If you have a sense of humor, USE IT. Don't be too vulgar, too perverted or you've lost the little ground you have. While listening to us DON'T SEEM TOO INTERESTED. We like a challenge. If someone seems too easy to manipulate or like too much of a challenge, i lose interest. Keep this up, keep her laughing and smiling, but switch it up, ask about HER, what she likes, LISTEN and stem a convo off of what she says. DO NOT LIE. We WILL find out and you WILL pay... You're under the microscope from the instant you approach us. If you get the digits, text her, KEEP IT LITE, something simple like "i had fun talking to you tonight, you're very interesting and we should go out sometime", yada yada. Show that you have interest, but don't come on too strong. Let HER respond back. DO NOT bombard us with texts or we'll think you're too clingy, and we loooove our freedom. Once she responds, wait like 30 minutes to respond back. If we're just in the beginning stages of knowing you, it will help. She'll realize your life doesn't revolve around her, that you have other things to do, and you won't smother her. Let her respond back after you do. You keep it simple. No long texts, no 5 at a time. SWEET, SIMPLE, TO THE POINT. In time, she will crave your attention. When i text a guy i like and get a text back like an hour later, i feel like a little puppy when their owners come home. Just keep it lite, BALANCED, but fun and upbeat. After a few dates, show some aggressiveness (nothing like beating on her, just show that there is a little fire to your personality - for instance, i got the guy i like sick, when he knew i was sick and still insisted i come over, when i left he said "i'm sick... :(", he poked fun at me a little, in a flirty way, then i brought up him falling out of a tree. He replied "sleeping sucked, my arm hurt like hell, but i got over it...Then you got me sick!" Show that you are fun and spontaneous, we LOVE that). Be yourself. We hate fake people. Keep in mind this may not work. We usually know upon meeting you whether we want you or not. Most giys i know are friend zoned. Be there if she needs you. Be patient. It takes a long time and a lot to get us. If you do, don't screw it up.

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