How to get a virgo man to open up

by KIM
(Johannesburg south africa)

I'm in a relationship with a virgo man whom I now have a beautiful baby girl with. We have been together since june 2008, but the man still will not expres his emotions or love to me.He never wanted a baby nor get married but I told him from the start that I wanted a baby nt with anyone but him, and hope we'll give that baby a loving family & home. He plans to marry me, but I'm very concern about our communications techniques.I on the one hand am very open person while he is not, it's like we move in opposite directions.I was born the 19th feb 1983 and he 01 september 1980.

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by: Anonymous

My God it sounds like we are with the same man! My husband, whomb I've known since 2003, was aslo born September 1st 1980. We have two girls and a boy and one on the way. After all this time all he will say is he loves me, but not much else.

Omg me toooooo
by: Anonymous

The same boat ladies... my now x boyfriend who i met in july 2008 also born sept 1st 1982 never showed any emotion or love but showed a lot of care towards friends and family... i feltlike if u know him 10 plus years he will show ssomething. I had enough in the end if he cant listen and understand your needs then he doesn't really care that much. These men need communication help or mental help... i hope it works out for you, i just couldn't do it anymore and didn't want to have babies with him knowing he wouldn't be the father id want for my kids... id rather be single and alone than with him and miserable... im so happy now because i feel free and no more trying to read his mind just listening to my inner soul which is much more interesting... have faith ladies things halpen for a reason and listen to yourself... forcing something to happen makes its worse and be proud because we are all beautiful and yes, even 1st of sept men in their own way just not compatible with emotional women.

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