How to get an Aquarius back?

by Taylor johnson
(New York city)

I went with an Aquarius I'm a Sagittarius and it lasted for about 2 months before I broke it off because I wanted to see more emotion from him. We continued to talk for several months after that but he didn't like me flirting with other males which I would do so that he could be more interested in me from seeing how much I was wanted so that he would want me even more.

Anyone have advice on how to get an Aquarius man back?

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by: Aquarius Man

Playing games and trying to make him jealous is def not going to get him back. We HATE game players and its really impossible to make us jealous cause frankly we just dont care....Just talk to him and be direct about what you want and what you need from him and hopefully if it was meant to be , it will be.......

How to get an Aquarius back?
by: AquaMan

could not have said it better!!
U jus gotta...KeepItReal Baby!!!!!!!!

by: Aquarius Gal

I'm an Aquarius woman and I don't like games, either. Just come out and say it!

not righ
by: AquaLady

the thing is...aquas actually like games. What they don't like is being manipulated. We just see all your games through.
If you want to play, you should take him in your games as a partner and play it like tango.
You're wasting your time trying to get him jealous. He may just analyze the situation and walk away if you find you to be too simple/cheap. He may also sacrifice you for a good friend and never regret that.
The worse case scneario is that he will see this as a challenge and beat you at your own game. We are the best manipulators, but try not to use this ability too often.
Be open with him, be interesting and witty, chase him and be chased and have adventures together. That's the best way to win him over

Aquarius Man/ Aries Woman (reunited--fate??)
by: Anonymous

My first H.S. love was with an Aquarius man. I was 17 and he was 16. We moved away from each other only to reunite 3 or 4 yrs. later, of course at that time we once again lived apart, Dallas-Houston. They were brief and sexual encounters, but as 20 something yr.olds, we didn't know what we wanted. It's been 12 yrs. since I've seen or heard from him only to find that he lives 30 minutes away from me here in Florida. He is not married, but does live with a woman and has a child. Immediately we began texting, and he said he was reminiscing of the sex we use to have. This is someone I have loved for almost 20 years. And even though I haven't heard from him in over a decade, the feelings came flooding in. I told him this, only because he told me he wasn't happy. I would want nothing more to spend the rest of my life with this man, but don't know exactly how this is going to play out!!! He said he wants to see me real badly, as do I, but I have rejected the notion. He may not be married, but he is in a relationship. It hurts for me to even see picture's and such of FB. I deleted him only 5 days later after accepting his request. I feel like an idiot teenager with all these stupid raging hormones. As an Aries, I expect immediate results, thoughts, opinions.....Something. In this situation, since there are children involved and I too have been cheated on, I am just going to let it go. If he comes to me and wants me, then I'll know it was meant to be, but the process it utter torture:(

by: Anonymous

You will never get him back if you try this trick with him. He may throw you out of his life for ever. The only way to get him back is to speak to him and never try such dirty tricks again ... else he will never come back

By Aquarius Boy!!!
by: Anonymous

If you ever try to make him jealous it won't work because they know that they can control their emotions very nicely. If play mind games, they will catch it naturally. They are narural psychologist & cam catch very easily how your mind is working. Be honest, be loyal & stable.

How to get him back
by: Anonymous

Is it better to let time go by and have him reach out-or is it better to reconnect on a casual basis. I know he loves I wait...or are aquarians "out of sight-out of mind"?

by: Anonymous

Deception for an aquarian is huge! you may as well sleep with another guy rather than flirt with them to try and play games.
Once an aquarian is deceived, it's game over for you. You can be nasty to them, hit them etc if they think there is something there, they'll come back to you but not deceit.
Use your words and be up front, no silly games as we play harder!

Will tolerate up to a certain point
by: Buh Bye

I'm a male aqua man. We will tolerate silly mind games as long as our interest still remains. However, if you continue to play those games , and take our kindness and generosity as a sign of weakness, so you think you can have the "upper hand" be prepared to get crushed. We can flip the scripts faster than any zodiac sign. Be careful. Once we determine that you are no longer worth our time and effort, and take us for granted, we will drop you faster than a bag of dirt and move on like you never existed. We are very intelligent and analyzing people and behavior comes natural to us. We will either straight up tell it to your face we're done or be aloof and twist your mind like a pretzel. Do not under estimate how our mind woks. You will be a mess.

Sag Girl Aquarius Male
by: Anonymous

I'm a Sag and I met an Aqua man and we hit it off. We went on a date it went really. He seemed really excited about me and he seemed to like me. Long story short we dated for about a month and we finally had sex and everything was amazing. I hesitated but he kept saying "it's meant to be" "it feels right" but after we made plans to see each other he vanished and I called him twice and text him twice with no response. I finally got mad enough told him off and deleted his number. I'm just so confused...what happened?

Honest opinions
by: Anonymous

I recently met an aquaruis man from my past. He has just come out of a long relationship. I am in a relationship. After talking and texting we eventually met up. It was nuts it was like love at first sight all over again. We started flirting, talking etc. and I was soon making plans to tell my current partner that things were not working(which they hadn't been for a while). As the months went by we got closer and closer. Expressing our feelings to each other, however all of a sudden this aquaruis man started lying and I think playing mind games. I didn't like this..... I eventually caught him out lying and confronted him, which I got no expectation. I cut him off!!!!! But I can't stop thinking about him. We didn't sleep together, I wouldn't because of my partner. I am in love with him, but do you think he will be honest if I contact him? Or should I leave the situation alone. I feel heartbroken..........
I did split up with my previous partner not for him, but I did want him..........

I don't know where I stand?
by: Taurus gal loving an Aqua guy

I've been seeing my aqua guy for over a year now. We do everything as a couple. His dad calls me his daughter in law and I know and spent time with his whole family. Yes being a taurus I can admit I'm stubborn and jealous at times. I'm loyal though and I love hard. I want my man to be happy too. We went through a period where he says I'm too into him and ended it. I cried begged and pleaded but being an aqua man it didn't phase him. It irritated him if anything. I left the situation alone. No calls, texts no communication at all. After two months he started texting me again. I truly love this man and was still faithful and we got back together like nothing ever happened. If anything I loved him more. Now he's doing it again. We don't have a relationship we are just friends and I'm too possesive. This time I had to catch myself. When he initially told me I was emotional but that lasted one day. So here I am back to no type of communication at all. The crazy part is this man is 15 years my senior so its not like hes a kid trying to figure his way. I don't understand. He keep telling me he's sorry. It isn't me. Why? My family keep telling me he'll be back. Am I willing to take him back is the question. I'm in love with him.

What to do in this situation?
by: Anonymous

Need advice. I'm a Gemini and this Aquarius approached me online, started chatting me up quite frequently, and came on quite strong. I reciprocated. After 2-3 weeks, though, he began ignoring a few messages and pulling back. Perhaps he was just busy, but I didn't understand what seemed like an abrupt change, since he had initiated our conversations and was always so eager. Long story short, I told him so, in too many words (nothing too harsh, I hope, but explaining how it felt to me and how I was hurt...I felt dropped for no reason)...In short, I pestered him! A real no no with Aquarians, which I have since learned! It gets worse, though! The next day, I was looking for a friend on skype and I accidentally clicked his name, calling him! He didn't answer, but he blocked or deleted me shortly after! I wrote one more time, explaining and apologizing for the call and for the previous pestering. I am currently enduring a great deal of stress, and he was well aware of this from the very beginning of our conversations. I ended with a promise of silence on my part. He still follows me on the social media site we originally met on, but I won't contact him again...I guess I'll never hear from him again? Anything else I can do at this point? Why is he still following me? This is painful, because even though we only communicated for a short time, we really did have so much in common and got along so well! I don't know how sincere he was, but his words indicated that he felt the same. He drew me into a sense of closeness...Now I am so confused. I don't even know who, if anyone, is to blame. If I pestered, I've already apologized. Can't he spare a word for me, when I spared hours for him?

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