How to get close to a Virgo man?

by yayyo

To make a long story short: I knew a Virgo guy all semester, worked on group project. he told me he really liked me at the end of the semester but i left college to go back home. we still talk, mainly texting. brought up the idea of seeing one another but he's super busy. i keep saying i could come by (we live only 2 hrs away) but whenever i do he says he doesn't think it makes sense for me to come only to stay for a short period of time. yet he says how much he really wants to see me. im a cancer, if that matters. but im pretty persevering / aggressive. i only stick my head out so many times before i say 'forget it'. he confuses me so much. i think the guy is awesome. I've expressed this time and time again. ugh, what gives?

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by: Anonymous

Been in a similar situation and i can say he wants you around more than a few hours... just like i did, what i didnt want was a relationship that i felt so far away and having to say bye and not see her for sometime and well lets say too many not so plesant scenarios attached to the whole situation that i was not prepared to put myself through..

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