How to get my Scorpio back?

I got to know my ex-gf in Q4 2009, we share some same interests & hobbies, and it wasn't long before we got together. The relationship lasted for 9 months, and it was her first relationship.

It was a wonderful one, and I thought we made a wonderful couple. We're attracted to each other very much, and we enjoyed spending time together. Even though we had small fights, it wasn't like hurting each other or cheating. We had been very loyal & devoted to each other.

But unfortunately, stress from school kicked in, and the bond between us was shaky. Perhaps because of that, I began becoming more clingy, and she began needing more space.

I admit I wasn't understanding on that part, and it was too late before I realize. She broke the news to me about half a week ago, that she would want to break up with me. She didn't give a definite reason, but she labeled our relationship as a burden & she no longer has the time & money to support it, that we don't have a clear future, and it won't get better in future because she has a few loans to pay back.
She said she is firm on leaving me, but we can always do what we do when we were together (e.g. going on a trip, coming to my house). And if I need time before I be her friend again, she'd give me.

But I am so sure that she still loves me. Just a few days before the break-up, we were still happily dating. And that when I started tearing up on that evening, she actually held my hand (even though she withdrew it when I started holding tight).

I had been thinking about it, and I still feel that we can salvage this relationship. I want her back badly. I haven't contacted her yet, but I probably would, just to tell her to work hard for her studies.
How can I get her back?

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by: Anonymous

Start dating someone else , make sure she is able to find out about it, that will make her jealous if she REALLY loved you, she would want you back. Sadly its a game you have to play. You could ever call her and play the whole "im happy we are friends" role, that will annoy her bec she will be thinking youd be begging for her back, that will get her attention, trust me iam a scorpio:)

Scorpion girl
by: Anonymous

I AGREE STRONGLY ON HAVING TO PLAY THE GAME.I'M a scorpion girl,It would work on me.

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