How to get your Taurus man back?

I met a Taurus man about a year ago, and we got started talking about ten months ago. I'm a Pisces girl. In the beginning everything was going very well until he started getting very clingy and calling me all the time. Despite my sign, I'm not the most romantic person and would often ignore him when he would talk about romantic things, and would just kinda brush them off. This seemed to bother him a lot but he never said anything.

I would also play a lot of games with him and pretend that I would be at a guys house or with another guy when I wasn't (this was to get him jealous). I continued to play games with him.

Then one night we had sex at a party I was having. He continued to call me, but feeling pressured and confused I would often ignore his calls because I felt like he was being clingy. Then he disappeared.

I panicked and started calling him and texting him A LOT. We started talking again but it wasn't the same. I knew he was hurt by the way I treated him but I really didn't know how to open up. I also felt like he was wary of getting into a relationship because he thought I was unfaithful, and too involved in partying.

Anyways.. we stopped talking for a few months and then I told him I was having another party.. He called me every day before the party and when he showed up we ended up having sex, but it wasn't that same passionate sex from before. Then I had a pregnancy scare and told him I had been having sex with someone else. I know this has been a very confusing story, but what I want to know is.. How can I get my Taurus man back and show him that I've cleaned up my act and really want him?

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by: Anonymous

You probably already know that a Taurus man is about the worst one you can play mind games with like this. It's kind of amazing he stuck around as long as he did. That's a good sign, clearly he likes you a lot. Having a pregnancy scare and telling him you were sleeping with someone else is enough to make almost any guy run a mile. I'm sure that was the final straw for him.

The answer is to explain all the above to him. Come clean, apologize, reassure him you won't do it again and ask if you can start over. Taurus men tend to be pretty mature, and there's a good chance he'll accept that and agree. It may be embarrassing to do that, but I really can't see any other approach having a hope of working.

Above all, do the right thing.
by: Jonathan

I am a Taurus man, and I dealt with women like you before. The previous commenter is right, Taurus is one of the worst sign to play games with. We're much more mature, and Taurus men will always stick to their principles (according to me and my experiences with the Taurus friends). Keep this in mind, we're straightforward, stubborn, and logical.

Its a good thing that you're highly aware of your mistakes and the consequences of your mistakes. With that said, its will be better to setup a nice meaningful night with him. Your efforts must show him what you've learn through your mistakes and how much you care about him. (Please do this only if you really want to commit to him because Taurus men are very sensitive to relationships; if they sense that this relationship is worth it, they'll move mountains to keep it). You also must talk to him about all your thoughts and feelings about everything with him (being straightforward). He's a logical man, and he'll know how to interpret your thoughts appropriately. Plus, you should encourage him to speak his feelings about the whole thing.

The setup: Set and dedicate the night with him. It will be best if you guys have dinner at your place. Cook for him (best way to a man's heart is his stomach). Do not cook anything heavy; seafood or chicken is ideal, beef or pork get you two feeling heavy. Pair your dinner with wine (plus it is a good way to set a romantic mood). A nicely set table is a must (again, putting effort). Also, go to a redbox and find a nice funny romance movie to spend the night together watching (helps you two to stay close, and snuggle). If things go well, I urge you to not have sex just yet (shows him how much it means to him about the seriousness of your POV about the relationship. Plus, it will drive him nuts, setting yourself up for a passionate sex next time, and he'll come rolling back if he's really interested). You will end the night with a hand written letter to him, it is your choice to give it to him when he leaves (depending on how things turn out). In this letter, you will reiterate, emphasize, and reaffirm the message of the night (communication is key!). It'll be sweet to sneak it in his back pocket somehow (I usually do this by giving a hug, putting my hands on the lower back then sliding the small folded note to his back pocket) or you can just give it to him and tell him to read it when he gets home. LOL.

I wish you the best on your efforts. I hope this helps. And above all, do what is right when you what the right things in your life.

Same EXACT Thing Happened To Me
by: AJC

Ok,I just wanted to comment on how freaked out I was that I went through the EXACT same situation. I was reading this article think Wtf. Lol I had two parties and the pregnancy scare and told him I was sleeping with another guy and everything! I'm also now trying to win him back and its not easy ):

Taurus Male & Pisces Girl
by: Anonymous

Im a Taurus male and I have a Pisces girlfriend, exactly like you. She tends to make me jealous and she goes out with other guys. It makes me extremely, mind blowingly jealous. I love her and I want her back so much. She is so wierd, she doesnt express her feelings, everytime I ask her how she feels about be she doesnt say anything.

What should I do?

I think I might ignore her.... she is only 16 by the way, she told me she was 17....

My taurus man
by: Amy

Hi m 22 years old... And m engaged with a taurus man...m a scorpio..

M rlly upset because in our relationship he seems to have controle over me...i heard that taurus men r rllt romantic but in my case i find him romantic once in a blue moon..

i want him to have the hunger to talk to me n you know show me that he rlly cares about me the most!!

At first i thought he's cheating on me or smth or he doesnt love me....m very confused i dont know what to do...i cry all the time and feel really lonely.
He wants to get married soon but m not sure what to do coz i can not stand his neglecting behaviour...

I have to admit that availble too much which i shudnt have but now i dont know what to do!!
unlike b4 he never calls me back when i hangup the phn angerly

please hlep me m rlly depressed!

hope everything works out
by: Anonymous

i currently am trying to get a taurus man i dated him for about 6 months but me being a leo i became very boostful and all i did was party most taurus men dont like party people so your best bet is to calm down and up to your mistakes

sad over loosing a taurus
by: Anonymous

i made the same mistake, however we were not bf & gf, we were just seeing each other. im a Sagittarius. im 30yrs old, i have barely opened up to my sexuality & have been in serious relationships for 11yrs, so have not had much time to experiment, go out on dates, flirt, or anything any young person does. well after my last relationship i decided to stay single, i went out w/friends, saw this guy across the room & completely fell in luv (mind u i have always been reserved w/ppl i don't know, & never gone up 2 a man), well he got my # we didnt speak very much on occasions he will call me, i got fed up cause i figured he wasn't in to me, 1 of the nites we met up, i met this other man whom i was very impressed about how he talked about his kids, so i gave him my #, we txt for 2 days non stop, on our 1st date he told me he wants to date exclusively, (however i couldn't get the Taurus man out of my head), so i told him no, wel this 2 guys know each other; since i was hurt cause the Taurus didn't want me, i decided to let him know i was dating someone he knows, he laughed it off. 1day we ended up at the same place, the Taurus guy said hi to me, but i went on with my date. well after this other guy says he wanted to date exclusively, & i said no, i decided not seeing him again, however we were still talking because hes just a great guy. well i decided to txt the Taurus guy (since i, for whatever reason can not get him out of my head), & tell him if we can at least stay as bootycalls (like i said eralier, i have barely opened up to my sexuality), well that nite the 2 guys met up w/each other, the guy i wanted to stop seeing told the Taurus he wanted me to be his gf & my Taurus showed him the txt, the other guy got broken hearted & i apologized for hurting him, but i also told him i don't want to see him or b w/him. well i still cant get Taurus out my mind & i dont know if i have damage this so much that i cant get him back????? any advise pleeeeaaaasssee????????

Taurus. To that Pisces
by: Astro

The pisces girl who played the games with the taurus and hurt him and wants him back.. U dont deserve hum at all and I hope u meet someone that treats u the way u treated him and hopefully he has met someone more like himself. If u really care about him and not just yourself u would let him go rather than rub salt in the wound.he wont forget nor heal with u in his life so showing a bit of humanity by letting him move on rather than having him live on the edge is the simple answer while some ppl cant even get close to their desired Taurus u spoil it for others hence why these good ideal Taurus men do not open up. Well done

To Taurus Male & Pisces Girl
by: Anonymous

Hi This comment is to the 16yr old Taurus male, Whatever you do: DON'T IGNORE HER!

I am a pisces girl & honestly it is the worst when a girl (especially Pisces) like someone. We go all out... and if she truly likes you I'm sure she is fighting every urge to not be standing out your window with a boombox over her head telling you how much she loves you! (We tend to fall in love very easily & fast)... She will respect you if you can sit down & have a deep conversation where you are honest about how you feel. Tell her that her lying about her age made you feel... we are some of the most understanding zodiac out there, and even if she doesn't like you it will be good practice of the years to come! Men that can be honest & express their feelings are rare gems! Especially a Taurus who can be upfront! so...
if you walk away with anything I said... just don't ignore her... its like stabbing her a thousand times in the heart if she's head over heels for you... you will be her knight & shining armor... we can be dramatic hopeless romantics who only dream of being swept off our feet!

What should I do?
by: Anonymous

I met this Taurus guy about almost two years ago by the way I am an Aquarius. We went to the same college and had two classes together. I didn't really notice he in the beginning But he would always stair at me all the time. So after our semester I contacted him on a social web site. He responded and we started to talk things were good and then he gave me the "my phones broke" excuse and so we stopped talking. About sometime later I was going through my phonebook and reached him number so I was temped to text him so I did. We started talking again, I really like him. He wanted to have sex and I refused because we weren't BF and GF so I told I couldn't without commitment. And so His phone became broke again lol! But now scents then I am pretty sure he has moved on my block, I have seen him on the bus I take to work and other places I have gone. Now this has been going on for some time now and I don't know what to do?? I still have he's number I tried to text and email. But he will not responding to me. I don't know what this means but I am beginning to want him so bad. What should I do?

by: Anonymously Devoted

Ok, I am new to all of this "astrology" and I learned that I am a leo/virgo cusp. However I am seriously trying to gain the inetrest of someone who is a Taurus. I mean I have done it all! I have sent gifts, I mean many gifts to at least say ok I am trying to "persue" him. The last and final gift was a trip down to a spa of the hotel where he is staying. Well he was a bit skeptical and it made me uneasy so I cancelled it.

The reason being is I was advised that he was not knowing the person who was sending him all the gifts. Even though I had put a name to it, and also a face. It is true we "Do NOT" know one another but that was the point. So he apparently got upset , and then at that point would NOT take any calls nothing .

I was a bit shocked and hurt at the same time. I wanted to call and clear things up but when I did he picked up and slammed the phone down really hard in my ear. I am just trying to show him I am interested and I am having the worst of luck. Can anyone that is a male Taurus tell me what I am doing that is so wrong?

I don't want to give up not just yet.

I want my taurus man back!!!
by: Martha

I'm a Virgo woman of 28. I met a Taurus guy online. We had a long contact via the net,and when he persuaded me to go out with him I rejected his proposal. Because at that time I was busy with another guy. After some time we began contacting through cell phone, then texting..Everything seemed good.It lasted a long..Then we met and and it was a love at first sight for me..But soon because of my stress at work I became pushy and intolerable to him, and also demanding and asked him to be open about his feelings and wantings properly. Now we r not together..I wanted to persuade him, wrote messages of explanation of my psychological conditions and my mistakes..But he continuously says to forget about him..He was so compatible with me..Whatever he did I liked.Except being so slow and extremely patient, of course.. Whatever I do he seems not to want me be by him. I love him and cant forget, even don't want to forget. How to get him back? Please, be helpful..Martha

Guide to Taurus men
by: A Taurus man

Look, for all of the women out there, no matter their sign these are the rules for dealing with a Taurus man:

1. Be honest, open, straightforward and direct. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Avoid drama, headgames, manipulative behavior,being flakey or braking promises, etc.
2. Do not even THINK of messing around or cheating or dating another man (or woman) at the same time.
3. Earn his trust. Let him know that he can trust you and that you are not there to hurt him or jerk him around or take advantage of him. Taurus men love extremely hard.
4. Be physically affectionate with him and give him complements and say nice things to him. Let him know how much of a man he is (even if he's not very masculine). Do not deny him sex or affection or he will look elsewhere.
5. Do not belittle him or be disrespectful or overly critical. This will infuriate him.
6. If you offend him immediately apologize and act very feminine. If he explodes into anger tell him that he is scaring you and he will calm down. If he is already in a bad mood, give him space and do not push him.

Follow these steps and he's yours and will be beyond devoted to you and will do almost anything for you.

by: Anonymous

You probably won't get him back. Tauruas men are one of the most serious men in the zodiac sign. They are ideal for SERIOUS relationships no games. I am dating one who loves the ground I walk on (Scorpio which is no wonder we are both very committed and loyal).

The mere fact that you would have unprotected sex with more than one partner and get pregnant, especially since it is clear that you weren't in a committed relationship with either, puts his health as well as yours in jeapordy in this time of AIDS and all other deadly STD's. That probably made him look at you as loose and unsafe.

There probably isn't a chance in hell.

Im a Taurus your ears now!
by: Anonymous

I am a Taurus Man. And I have a few women who have burnt their bridge after a lengthy amount of games an bs.All try to break up my relationship and get me back.When a Taurus no longer deals it means hes takes alot of Taurus to walk completely away.My current aries likes to play games and when she realizes she lost me she will regret it like all the others...but a quick apology and devotion could save it and rekindle everything.Taurus is very forgiving and could reverse his decisions once made(walking away) but you would be his and walk the line.But he will love you all over again.But do not use him.Taurus will kill your secret lover and get away with it.Lock him outside of his own door and he will go threw it like a bull could.Step on him and he will trample you.Tear his hear out and he will love the next greater than he loved you.While you are every mans slampig especially for the pisces and cancer men , taurus will have loved you for you and not anyless.Cause taurus is a very accepting lover and when you are with a taurus you have no past just his future and his loved ones have know you all along.You are his mothers daughter and his grandmothers best friend.And all tha the achieves is shred with you.Thw wife of a mayor or self made wealthy man is most likely married to a taurus.Goodluck

Taurus woman who dated Pisces mab
by: Anonymous

I have been reading the post. I agree with the Taurus males who posted on here. I don't like games and dishonesty. Once the trust is broken like hell you will get it back. I.recently dated an Pisces and it was going really well. Then one day he text me and broke up with me. He stated it wasn't me but he has something really difficult he is going through. He can't tell me what it is. This is being dishonest and lies to me. Just tell the truth. You just couldn't show up.

aquarius girl with a taurus guy
by: Anonymous

We hadnt talked in like 1 & a half weeks & yesterday he text me thru his friends phone cuhs he wanted to hangout that day but I culdnt be with him at all cuhs at nutrition/break I was gunna be celebrating my friends birthday & I wanted to dedicate all my time to her & at lunch I was gunna be in my math class making up work but I just told him I wuld like to but I cant. & at lunch I finished my work early & wen I was walking by where he hangs out & wen he saw me he showed his big bright smile so I smiled back & then he came to me & said "why diddnt yuh wanna hang out today?" & I said "I diddnt say I diddnt want to , I just couldnt" & I told him why . & he asked if we culd hangout now & I said of course. & wen we were talking he told me to come hangout with him & his friends at nutrition the next day so I said okay. & so the next day came & I went to his spot at nutrition & it was nice, he even made his friend move so I can sit down. & he walked me to class & said "are yuh coming to the spot at lunch?" & I said "well only if yuh want me to" & he said "well yeaa , so ill see yuh at lunch" & "I said okay see yuh at lunch & we smiled & we left to our classes. But I diddnt go at lunch , I got to nervous. & he saw me with my other firends. So after school I wanted to say sorry or something for not going at lunch , I just don't want him to know that he makes me nervous & that I like him cuhs I don't want him to get freaked out & leave.
So wen I saw him I said "(his name) , sorry I diddnt come at lunch & he gave me one of those lanky one arm hugs & said "oh its cool" & he just walked off but I culd tell that he was mad or upset. So wen I went with my friends to start off our weekand , one of my friends had her sister picked us up & wen we were on our way to her house taurus was still waiting where he always waits for his ride home & he was with his friend . So anyways wen we were passing by him my friends sister honked like four times & they all said "hi (his name)" so I wonder if that kind of mad him more mad . Soo pleasee help me, idonoo wat to do ! & I really want to noe where we stand but I don't noe if I shuld tell him cuhs I don't want to scare him off . like if I knew where me & him stand then I probably wouldn't have been nervous to go at lunch. & the opposite sex DOSE NOT make me nervous so its so weird that he dose & we have been talking for about a month . So wat shuld I do to show my feeling to him but I don't scare him off ?

Silence from Taurus...?
by: Libra/Scorpio Girl

What does it mean? he comes and goes, and it's hot and cold with him. I don't think he knows what he wants, but after a while of silence he usually comes back affectionate.

Why won't he answer me sometimes? It's hard for me to not have a lot of communication. :(

Talking is intimacy to me....I'm not getting what I need, but I love this man. What should I do?

And for you Tauruses out there, can being quiet mean something good ever?

How can I change things?
by: Old flame new start

I am a leo and I recently reunited with an old flame who is a taurus male after 20 years without communication. He contacted me out of the blue and we began talking and texting on a daily basis. The conversations back and forth were very sweet, sexual, and intense. We talked about our situations (both recently separated from spouses), our backgrounds, work, interests, etc. When he was going through hard times, I always offered emotional support, which he seemed genuinely grateful for, but was reluctant to discuss things most of the time. Our sexual conversations became very frequent and intense and we decided to schedule a meeting. We were both very nervous, but we finally met up after 20 years. During our visit, he had noticed some bruises on my forearm from a fight with my ex a few days prior. The look on his face made it clear that he did not like what he saw. He asked if it was from the arguement with the ex and I answered him honestly but didn't go into detail. I would not let him take my shirt off after that because the bruising on my upper arms and back were much more severe and i did not want him to see it. I was embarrassed. We ended up having sex and it was great. Afterward we spent the next couple of hours enjoying eachothers company and talking, and all seemed well. We continued talking daily for the next 2 days, but both days he brought up the bruises and explained that "it didn't give him a good feeling at all" and that he "feels horrible about the whole situation". He felt like it was his fault because the arguement with my ex started when I received a text message from him while my ex was picking up the kids. I explained that it wasn't his fault and that this was not the first occurance of physical violence and that I had removed myself from the relationship for a reason. A couple of days later, I got a text stating that "Im not ready to deal with the situation that you are in. I know you say it is not my fault, but I feel strongly that it is.I want to keep you as a good friend. I don't want you to think I'm dissing you. I just can't have something bad happening to you on my conscience like it has been these past few days." We communicated back and forth a little, and agreed to remain friends, but I want more than that. Is there any way to get things back to the way they were before? We barely communicate now and I'm not sure if I should give him space or contact him as a friend or just come out and tell him how I feel. Any suggestions (especially from other taurus males) would be greatly appreciated.

Gemini woman/Taurus man
by: Anonymous

I am a gemini and have fallen head over heels in love with a Taurus man. Gemini/Taurus the worst combination. I have still not met him, we started chatting on a dating site. We occassionally text. In the beginning I was a hot persue and in fact did not like his approach and was not interested at all. He was persistent and things started heating up and we got along well. Unfortunately, I too played games with him and tried to make him jealous ouch!!! I got it, completely got it. Although, it seems like he understood while I did it, things have never been the same. Funny thing is, I am not interested in any guy and regret what I have done. I know I need to give him space so I try not to text him too much. He has to chase me again although I have learnt that they also expect the partners to chase. This is very difficult and yes I know it must sound incredibly lame. I have totally put my cards on the table, he knows I want to win back his trust, how I feel and that I regret what I have done. I try to keep what we had alive but think he might have lost interest completely. Is it too late?

cancer woman and a taurus male!!
by: Anonymous

My Taurus I think left me for good! Ok we was talking for about 6 months almost 7. Things starting getting serious and he didn't want that. But we continued talking and leading me on. We had arguments and stuff but nothing really serious. I told him I loved him and he told me back. He said the reason why he loved me was because he said that I put up with his stuff. So recently his grandma had passed away and he changed a little. I thought I was there for him but I guess it wasn't good enough. One morning I text him Goodmorning like I always did but he replied GM and I was thinking he never text that to me unless he was upset. So I was like "GM! Smh ok!" He replied "**** you" but usually he says this and he comes back but he said that he was serious and he did this because I wasn't comforting enough and that he felt he had to bow down to me when he speaks to me but I never thought of myself as like that! He said that I did say sorry a lot and also I said MEANINGLESS I love yous which really hurt me! I was speechless and I told him how I felt and he replied "yea well **** you" I was hurt and I still don't know where I went wrong. Now he is not talking to me. I text him the day before the funeral and he never replied. Now I'm just confused to see if he us coming back which I don't think he is. I really feel like now at this point if he really cares for me he will come back. Idk what you think is he gone for good or he just need space. I am moving on with my life but I'm also upset that he left and also upset that I will never find another like him even though he got on my nerves I still love him and still have strong feelings for him! What should I do??

Ms. Cancer

Gemini Woman in love with Taurus man
by: Anonymous

I met this taurus man 2 n a half years ago, we started off being intimate after a while. No bf/gf though fine but thn he wanted to b all close to me. I resisted at first thn after i gave in, he wasnt as in to me as much after a while. Its horrible because Ive fallen in love with him. Im a gemini woman and he seems to be going through the myth tht we cant b. He seems so anti relationship. I reinterest him?

Aquarius Woman Hurt Taurus Man
by: Mystikal

He and I met a few months ago and began texting all day everyday. Btw he claims he hated talking on the phone and I hated texting as much as we did but he refused to compromise. I informed him this was my first attempt at being completely vulnerable, open and honest with anyone and he seemed to have respected that. A few weeks into texting he tells me he couldn't see us going any further then friends and I accepted it. Later that day I asked if we could continue building our friendship while adding sex into the mix and he agreed. (Keep in mind that during all of our conversations I was expressing my emotions and feelings which is something I'd never done before). A few weeks pass, we both began opening up personally as well as sexually via text and it was amazing. One day he informs me that he may not be the one to fulfill my desires and that the option for sex was no longer on the table. By this time I was incredibly horny and let him know exactly how I felt when I saw him. This was a Monday and by Wednesday night he hadn't responded. I was so hurt that I had him call me and I intentionally pushed him away by accusing him of being bisexual. He was furious. The following day I emailed him letting him know the reason I pushed him away is because I was hurt and didn't want him to hurt me any further. Now that I have calmed I realize there were better ways to handle the situation. Even though my actions were intentional, I hate that I may have hurt him. Even though I know he will never forget, how do I apologize and is there a chance he may forgive me

by: Anonymous

i am pisces woman an i have been dating a taurus man for a year and 5 months. i have experience wat a taurus man is like (loving caring passionate etc)he's sometimes stubbon but understands my feelings all the time.once i show him love and let him do as he pleases to there is no problems,but once i try to control his life everything goes the thing with taurus men they no how to make a women feel special an they are very passionate about there sex life.out of evey man that i ever been with i will always choose a taurus man. so don't do things to try an run them away try to attract them to stay until eternity.

Libra woman hurting taurus man
by: Anonymous

So I was seeing this Taurus for 2 months on and off. At first it was just for fun because we both enjoyed eachothers company and wanted some kind of relationship without actually being in one, but the last few weeks together were the closest we've ever been together and both fell for eachother much more then we intended too. After not seeing eachother for a few days over the holidays he started to act distant with me and ended it with me out of nowhere saying he was thinking alot about us and didnt see us lasting a very long time. I was so hurt especially after how close we got the weeks before that and so I left for 6 days without speaking or seeing him. It was so hard for me not to text him telling him how much I missed him and how much I wanted us to work things out. Coming back home it was hard seeing him again knowing I couldn't jump in his arms and kiss him again. That night we all went to the bar and had fun, until I just couldnt take it anymore and had a breakdown. I texted him how much I missed him and wanted him back and he only answered me with one word answers and said we'd talk when we got home that night ( ps: we are roommates, theres 6 of us in a house and it was how him and I met ) I drank a lot that night and was hurt therefore was not thinking clearly, although its not an excuse for the horrible thing I did to him. That night out of nowhere his best friend came to my room while I was waiting for my Taurus to be home and started doing and saying inapropriate things to me and instead of saying no, one thing lead to another. I feel horrible for what I did. His best friend had told him before I was able to and he is now furious with me. It was only then he had told me he loved me and he was going to ask me to work things out again but not anymore and he wants nothing to do with me. He no longer wants me to speak to him or anything. I cant blame him for hating me this much because what I did was horrible, but I know I am a good person and I would never hurt him. I love him so much and he is the first person I was able to let in after my last relationship where I was really hurt. I would do anything in my power to get him back and to prove to him thats not the person I really am, but the girl he loved who he could trust and was true to him. If you have any tips on how to get him back please let me know. I will do anything for him.

Why is he not talking to me?
by: Cancer girl crazy over Taurus Guy

Ok I am really confused with him..We have been seeing each other /dating for a month and a half now. When we were out with friends this past weekend..I saw something that bothered me with this one girl (I can tell she is jealous over us) and when he wasn't looking and had his phone set down. She went over and started looking at it and his msgs. She got really pissed off and then wouldn't talk to him for a while. Then later on she comes over to me and says that he is just using me and that he will break my heart. When he was by me, he would be all affectionate and loving with me, and I could see she was sulking in the corner, literally. She obviously is not over him. Well this bugged me for a day, I didn't say anything to him about it. I didn't know if I should. I didn't want to create drama, but it was really bothering me that she spied on his phone & said those things to me and I felt he deserved to know..Well I told him something was bothering me and he asked me what it was and then he wanted to know what she said, so I told him. And he hasn't said anything to me since then. I don't know what is going on. He won't return my text msgs. I'm afraid he is mad at me for bringing that up, or if he is upset that I brought up drama, or if he realizes that this girl is not over him and maybe he likes her?? I am going crazy.. I don't know if it is a good thing he is being quiet or bad? I was honest and respectful. I didn't say anything bad about her i just told him what she was doing and what she said, that is all. I also told him I didn't believe her and her words. That I had more trust and faith in him, to believe what she said...Why is he being this way? What should I do? I am waiting for him to contact me, should i have faith that he will, or should I just think that he is running away? I am trying not to be clingy. I have been positive in my messages to him and friendly. To show him that what she said to me has no affect on me..

Taurean gal nd taurean guy
by: Anonymous

I am a tauruean girl nd dated a taurean guy for five months.. We startd on facebook nd within ten days of our frnship he proposed me for marriage nd the main part is tl date v havnt seen each other at all... Its jus blind love... We hv seen nly piks on fb nd we wre lot into cals nd msgs ... He sounded serius nd wanted to marry m god knws hw far he was serious... But he made many promises nd evn i did d same... I tuk tym to b serious with him but i flt dat as tym passed he realised nthn cn happn nd its jus a waste of tym... All of a suddn he broke up for a silly reason nd thn thru sum efforts frm m side v kind continued the friendship but thn suddenly i provd him dat he lied to m nd thn he stoppd answering m calls... Everything is jus confusing and i realised afta break up dat i lov hm a lot nd m attachd to hm nd nw m trying to patch up but dnt kno hw to do... He isv.stubborn nd angry person nd v are at distance so cnt evn go thr nd make up things so neone jus suggest m how to patch up with hm in a long distance relationship i really want hm bck.....

my big discovery
by: Martha

Gals, who suffered from taurean boys,let me say one thing..they are very selfish and with a lot of prejudice..whenever you make one silly little mistake, they'll break up..and get into's very stupid not to be able to communicate in a proper way and to say what you want..And taurean men trait stupidity of this kind..Because they judge only wrongly..narrow minded way..despite the fact they ve a lot of good traits, this one always make them choose not the right partner..Only fake people can do well with them..Because they can't deal with real problems for the sake of love..They never commit..Commitment isn't he can spend money, or his property..Commitment is to understand and to forgive someone you love..They lack it..That is why they often suffer in their love life.They don't know who is good or who is bad for them..Just split on them and continue your life..They aren't worth attention of such great girls, they need a woman to get them round their fingers..and the ones who can be fake and lie a lot..they love to be seduced, by whom doesn't matter..I say it from my own experience

Can I get him back ?
by: Anonymous

I met a Taurus man about 6 years ago, and we have always been very good friends. We got started talking about dating each other about 6 months ago. I'm a Pisces girl. In the beginning everything was going very well until I started getting scared and thinking about past relationships where everything had gone all wrong. It ended up resulting in us arguing about little things. I know the cause of the arguments were because of my insecurities. We both have so much fun together and are so compatible with one another. Recently he ended things with me, not completely, but he said I needed to change to stop the arguing, and until then he didnt want to be with me. It's completely understanable for him to feel that way. But what now....I know I need to work on myself before we can really get back to that wonderful relationship we once had. But do I just work on myself and let him come to me? Will he ever come back to me?

Can I get him back ?
by: Anonymous

I met a Taurus man about 6 years ago, and we have always been very good friends. We got started talking about dating each other about 6 months ago. I'm a Pisces girl. In the beginning everything was going very well until I started getting scared and thinking about past relationships where everything had gone all wrong. It ended up resulting in us arguing about little things. I know the cause of the arguments were because of my insecurities. We both have so much fun together and are so compatible with one another. Recently he ended things with me, not completely, but he said I needed to change to stop the arguing, and until then he didnt want to be with me. It's completely understanable for him to feel that way. But what now....I know I need to work on myself before we can really get back to that wonderful relationship we once had. But do I just work on myself and let him come to me? Will he ever come back to me?

I agree..
by: Cancer girl crazy over Taurus Guy

yeah this guy I've been "seeing" hasn't really come around to being fully committed. He'll lead me on a chase..then he'll go cold..and so when he does that I just don't text/call him until he does..then he's all hot over me again..This is starting to get annoying. I feel like he's just using me. He may just be undecided and I'm sure he's seeing other girls. However I have not seen anyone else since I have met him. Which may be my problem..I know I need to stop putting my eggs in one basket, but I seriously have a hard time seeing myself with anyone else. We are so compatible and the chemistry is awesome when we're together. I know he's got a lot goin on right now, and he's also a single father. It could be money issues, which I know he's been many things it could be..BUT he doesn't TALK to me about them. He is SO bad at communicating it drives me nuts. I know this is common for Taurus men, so I've been trying to be patient. He doesn't like to talk about feelings and such, I've noticed. He says he isn't "going anywhere" and that "we're always going to be ok" which I'm not sure what he means by he trying to say "I AM very interested in you, but I need to take my time" or is he just saying "I really like you but I'm not ready for any commitment"?? I'm about to throw in the towel, and move on. I've decided that I'm going to try and see some other guys, and maybe he'll come around. I haven't been real busy with winter break, so it's been hard when I'm just sitting around with nothing to do. Thank goodness classes start next week..Maybe once I am more busy and I stop contacting him he'll come around? But I am seriously having doubts he is going to chase me..I wish Taurus men wouldn't be SO indecisive! As for the post above me, The best thing you can do is move on..and a lot of time I've noticed with my Taurus guy, is that if something is bothering him or you upset him, he'll deny anything wrong that he did, or he just won't talk about it, even though he KNOWS what he did was wrong, he can't stand the thought of disappointing you, so he'll ignore what he did, and focus more on what you're doing wrong take the finger pointing off of him. They can't stand being a failure and looking "bad" in your eyes. I wouldn't take what he said so seriously..if he can't accept you for you, then it's time to move on girl.

Leave them alone
by: Anonymous

Best is let them be all by themselves.If he has to come back ,he will come back on their own.Too much prodding or trying hard to get him will be of now use. And moreover they should also be taught a lesson for their stubbornness.If you run after them, they will take you for granted throughout your life.Sit back, be yourself.

Over him..
by: Anonymous

Yeah I was the "Cancer girl crazy over Taurus guy" and well had enough of that idiot. I can see why so many woman get frustrated with them..and they are most likely not to ever commit, like the Sagittarius. I said ONE lil thing and he judged me on it, when he should KNOW that I am not that way at all..I dont know if it was an excuse to not talk to me anymore or what but he judged me on a text msg and never talked to me again. Fucking loser. Pardon my french- but I'm never dating a Taurus again. Even though it says that Cancer and Taurus is like the best match..well not for me. I think I'm too much of my Leo (moon is in Leo) side than Cancer when it comes to communication...girls, some advice, if you're gonna date a Taurus a) don't take it seriously or at least not let him think that you are b) don't pressure him into doing ANYTHING, they will only do something if it's on THEIR TIME c) it's like walking on egg shells half the time, you NEVER know how they are going to react to something you say! Arghhh. SO...good luck!

Aries Girl and Taurus Man
by: Stacey

My Taurus man and I met back in may of 2010, and things were awsome, from the night we hung out, to going to Vegas together to Us conceiving a baby, it all happened so fast. And I didn't expect it to happen that quick. But he ran after only 2months of my son being born, and he told me there's no hope for us ever having a family. Aren't Taurus men supposed to be family oriented? And throught my pregnancy I was very hormonal bug what girl isn't when she's pregnant? Can a Taurus man give me some pointer on how I can possible get him back on my side?

plz help...urgent
by: Anonymous

hello m a cancerian female madly in love with a taurus guy....we r in a relationship since two yrs but ye i've learnd tat he is too stubborn.last nite a girl added him in his facebook account...nd i doubt that she is a kind of mistress by her proffession...being possessive i asked my man to reject the request...but rather he being arrogant he refused me...this mornin i gav him my reason nd point of view that m not liking such things...rather than understanding my needs he bloked me on facebook....that really hurt me alot.....i tried to talk to him about this....but now he said that "i guess u need to think about this relationship again,take one months tym...nd then ans me...till then m switching off my number" we r not just bf gf our families are also involved in this nd we were about to marry next yr...dnt knw wat to do..only getting an idea to suicide...cant live without him...plz help.

*Picses girl inlove with my Taurus King*
by: Anonymous

Ladies I honestly feel sorry for any woman who thinks she can square over her Taurus mans head... He is in controll ALWAYS, and do not dare take that away from him. Ive been in the most amazing relationship with my taurus man, the first few months was a rollercoaster ride i have 2 admit, and i have been so lucky 2 still have him by my side... Even though i angered him soooooo many times. These men are amaizing IF you treat them right. They need alot of care, attention, compliments, hugs kisses, playfullness, coziness, calmness (never create acts of drama they dispise anything that might desturb their peace) SENSUAL SEX is very crutual, and dont ever deny him that what he knows belongs to him. Dont ever try to make a taurus man jealous, they hate compitition and would much rather walk away.... This man is al about stratidgy, so do not push him into corners because he wont let u and thats were all could be lost. I have never been so loved and adored by a man, and surely I have never been more inlove as to this day with my Taurus man. They truely know how to treat their better half. Take care of your Taurus man and he will take care of you. Let him take his time, never rush him, and when he speaks, listen... Because a taurus man will never say something thats not from the heart, he would rather be quiet than speak a lie. Be as honest as you can for he will not tollorate lies and betrail.... These men are gems, you just need to make sure they are taken care of, by giving them a good home cooked meal, long meaningfull strolls next to the river banks or the ocean, taking care of yourself, wearing light natural fabrics, aluring perfumes, looking as natural as possible, keeping them excited and last but not least, sensual and caring love making.... And i promise u will never have a dull moment as long as this man is by your side.

by: Anonymous

Im a Pisces female if she's not responding to ur romantic comments or questions about feelings then she doesn't really care and the only reason a Pisces might think they want someone back is their fear of being lonely

Here we go again..
by: Cancer girl crazy over Taurus Guy

Well I recently got back with my Taurus guy but we aren't serious..I know he is seeing other girls, so I told him that I'm seeing other guys then if he is going to do that. Then he got all quiet and now he isn't contacting me. So there's a huge double standard with him. I thought these guys are SO grounded, well he isn't very grounded in my opinion. he has some really good qualities but he has commitment issues..and I feel like a lot of things are unfair between us. He'll promise me things and then not go through on them, and then when he asks me to do something for him, I'm being selfish for not doing so..? However all the other things about him are really great qualities, and he is like my "dream" man, and the sex is AMAZING, but I have no idea where things are going to I told him I'm not going to be serious with you until you can be serious with me..but I don't want to stop seeing you. Maybe he is just being quiet because he needs to process these things so I'm just backing off and see what happens..if he doesn't contact me again, well I have other options. I'd say ladies, because Taurus's take so long to commit and make a decision, don't put all your hopes and dreams on this ONE man, keep your options open and look around, because they can seem like they are ALL in it, and then suddenly bolt on you with no explanation. They are the worst in communicating anything. And as Cancer, communicate is SO important to me..I just hope that he realizes what he is missing with me and not take me for granted, but who knows how long that could take. I'm not waiting around though!

36 year old Taurus male
by: Anonymous

I read halfway through all the comments and actually started believing Taurus men were boring. I am a 36 year old Taurus male and think Taurus men only really find themselves trapped when they are constantly encountering veiled or dishonest people. If you are straight forward (and I realize different people have different ways of expressing themselves) and rely on a man's intelligence and his ability to learn, commnicate, and show he cares, then you should never have a problem with him. Remember there are different ways to comminicate besides talking. Taurus men love to fight if there is a point. If you use fighting to get through to him he will only find holes in your arguement, right or wrong. If you plan to mess around with him when he is at rest your going to find he will resent you no matter what you do. The bottom line is you get what you give. If you want to play then you will find Taurus men love to see others truly enjoying themselves and not faking happiness. A Taurus man thinks a person with lower ideals is not a real man. Remember weakness is not a strength to a Taurus male. A Taurus male is constantly picking and choosing in life, so if a person tries to disrupt this flow he will take it hard. Unless you are pretty. He will do anything to be by beauty. And keep in mind it is impossible to have a Taurus male accept weakness or curiosity like it is completely normal. He needs time to think on his own. And will show appreciation when the time is right. You have to be worthy of his successes in life.

Want him back at any cost?
by: Anonymous

Hey I am 23years old and I have dated a Taurus man for almost 8years. I am a Taurus too and that's the reason we both fight a lot.I am with him when I was only 15. Lately, we both had problems and I hurt-ed him a lot since he had gone out of the country and felt really alone there. But, still I fought with him and told him things which i wasn't suppose to say in such a long relation. I always doubted him but he also never showed his love but he actually loves me. Now he has blocked all my numbers, he has changed his house so I can't reach him anyhow but still he calls me when I actually send him lot of messages on facebook. I don't know I really love him a lot I can't imagine my life without him and I have realized my mistakes and really really want to make it all fine. I even accused him for things which a woman should never do that. But I really really want him back. Please tell him what should I do make things normal. It has been 2 months since we are fighting over things and now he treats me totally differently and just says he wants a break. Please help me.

Depressed Pisces, Taurus Male
by: Rosemary

I have been dating my Taurus boyfriend for 8 months. It was extremely rocky because I was still with my ex of 9 years when I met him (the breakup process was very long). I am a Pisces and he was a Gemini so it DEFINITELY wasn't a harmonious relationship.

Anyways, I met my Taurus while on vacation in the Caribbean, while I was trying to get over my ex. Ironically, we hit it off and couldn't wait to see each other when we got back. He pursued me intensely for 2 months before I noticed he was giving up in which case, I asked him to officially be my boyfriend. I kept saying no initially because I wanted to make sure I no longer had any lingering feelings for my ex and honestly I was unsure of the Taurus since he sounded just too good to be true.

Anyways, we started quickly planning our future together with aspirations of marriage and our financial situations and out of nowhere after missing out 8 month anniversary to go to a wedding in the states, he comes back, brings me flowers and dumps me. I told him I didn't want to be with anyone else and could't accept what he was telling me.

I found out the reason for this recently:

When he sprung it on me that he was leaving for 3 months, he looked at me to see how I would react and he said something about not knowing how it would affect our relationship. He didn't seem very optimistic so I told him that I can't do it and said that I would need to start dating other people and when he gets back we can see where it goes. BIG MISTAKE! I don't know WHY I said it but I just wanted him to say that everything would be fine and I guess it was just my defence mechanism but I definitely didn't mean it.

This was about a month ago and last night he told me that he hears what I had said in his head everyday and how he is disappointed in what I said after everything we had been through. He also said he is having a hard time further developing the feelings for me he has and that it just reconfirmed his negative views on marriage.
Since then, I told him I didn't mean it and I just blurted it out because I didn't know how to react. He's tried to get over it and told me last weekend he was over it but he said that he cannot.
I've tried everything from being patient, not showing him what an emotional mess I am and telling him I love him and will wait for him and that there is no way I am leaving or seeing other people and that I've never been sure of anything in my life but it doesn't seem to be working. Is he still in the "assessment" phase? I feel like I keep reconfirming all of these things and it IS getting through to him but he keeps reverting back to what I said.

He's hot and cold, yesterday he told me he loved me and wanted to spend the weekend with me and the next day he was raising his voice and yelled "no" when I asked him to hang out. I can't help but being an emotional mess and he's told me to stop being crazy.

Since then, I am trying to be more calm.... any advice? I am extremely depressed.

why are Taurus man so difficuilt?
by: Anonymous

I met a taurus man through on the internet line. Everthing went well through the mail even we haven't meet it yet. Until 5 weeks ago I went away to holiday for 3 weeks, I booked it before I meet him on the line . He hasn't reply to me. even we had some disgreements through the mail. I would thought he would understood it .

tauraus man is killing me
by: bfly

I met a Tauraus man through facebook..actually it was me who added him first..we start talking and then we liked each other even though we didnt first he was very very affectionate , he even told me that he loves me 2 weeks after our was hard to beleive but i realized that I Love him back..he used to call me everynight and when he couldnt he send sms..his calls makes me feel special..I use to drift dreams about him and still do ( i m a pisces girl by the way ) My heart races when i heard my phone ringing I just make a wish and if it was him my whole day changes..he was the reason of my smile..after two months of loving each other he decided to give me up for one stupid reason like he dont remember anything sweet about he was only looking for a reason to give me could he say that he love him and the next day say the opposit..did he love me for real !? cause me myself till now i cant get him out of my head..I still love him and want him back so badly..he is ignoring me like like we're strangers or even enemies..I thought about sending him a message but my pride wont let me do specially that it freaking me out if he dont reply back..How can I make him see what he did to me..cutting me off like that and not even saying a word..when we were arguing at that time I called him and telling him that I love him but he simply replied that he doesnt love me back!! it was very harsh and very hard to hear from his lips..I m really stuck with him I cant move on...he was the one for me..I have no clue what to do to get him back!! is ignoring me means really that he doesnt want to deal with me anymore!?

How do I unscrew this??
by: Anonymous

SO I've been seeing this Taurus guy for about a year and a half. We've never had anything serious and the sex between us has always been fantastic. When we first met we hit it off really well and I'm a Pisces so I fell head over heels for him. The thing is, a few weeks later he went back to his ex and really hurt me because I thought he liked me. During his relationship with that girl, he still called me and I tried avoiding his calls.... and a few months ago he broke up with her and we've started seeing each other again. The problem is, he asked me if I would ever consider dating him and kept asking me if there were other men in my life, which I assured him that there weren't and sure I would date him, but at the same time I keep replaying what happened a year ago.... and I must have done something or said something during the day that bothered him because he left in a very strange mood. We don't really run into each other and I can only see him if he wants to see me. The question is.... what do I do??? Do I let him come after me? Do I go after him? I really need this to work out.

i love my taurus man and i want him back
by: Anonymous

Im a scorpion im 25, n my taurus is 43, he left me for his anger i need him!! What i need to do

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