How to handle fights and arguments?!

I have been dating a Sagittarius (27) for the past 3 years and our fights are still very ugly.. Can someone help on how 2 handle that we provoke each other to the max and push 2 get the worse out of each other. however when we are good its heaven. I have proposed that when we reach top levels of anger we should hang up/ close the subject and talk later in order to calm down a bit and re-argue once again. He disagrees with that saying that it drives him more crazy when he leaves things unfinished. Can anyone propose other solutions, coz I'm TIRED of fights that grows out of proportion.

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handle with love
by: Anonymous

you guys need to set ground rules. If things get to heated, wait until both of you are calm and clear headed to talk. I know it might drive him crazy but if he loves you he needs to understand theres no point in talking when u are that angry. Also if you guys are arguing face to face, it may sound silly but just tabling the conversation (putting aside all the anger or hurt u might have towards each other) and just making love works wonders. Im a pisces female and I did that with my Sag male the other day (it was so hard for me because i felt so angry thats the last thing i wanted to do!) but once we started, all my feelings of anger ran out the window. and since chemistry is so strong, afterwards you wont even remmeber what you were arguing about!

Sagittarius and Pisces is hopeless
by: Vodka X

I was a part of a Sag man/Pisces woman relationship, and we fought alot...we really never understood each other

picese woman and sag man.
by: Anonymous

I have been in a relationship w a sag man for 5 years and when we fight it can get really bad, we usually have to walk away from each other. The sag man does not give in easily nor does he have that passive attitude that we picese do. When dealing with a sag man I have learned that u need to stand you ground because he can get a little big headed if you dont.

He wants to believe itll work.
by: Anonymous

Im sagittarius and I often fight with my pisces wife what helps is trying the hardest to instantly calm down and use logic. This isnt saying give up or anything like that, but the reason me and my love work is because she can gentally make me understand why she dose or feels the way she does. If calming down is hard, remember he wants to believe everything will be ok. Unresolved issues are often mentle blocks and drive us crazy because we feel powerless and at a dispostion. He dosnt like haveing a reason to fight with you which is why he will rush these things. I believe if he always wants to finsh a conflict its his way of not giveing up on you. I think he cares.

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